Saturday, April 24, 2010

Linguini con Bacon

The particular course is my first foray into a blogging contest. My friend, Natasha at 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures, is conducting her monthly recipe challenge. This month’s 5 Star Makeover Challenge is to create a PASTA dish with a twist.
If you have yet to visit her blog, please do so. You will find it unbelievably inspirational. Her cuisine is quite refined and she uses posh ingredients from all over the word.

This dish was inspired by Linguini Carbonara. The Italian classic is made with bacon, egg, black pepper, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. I’ve eaten this dish since I was a young boy. Throughout the years, through much trial and error, I have personalized this recipe. Now it is one of my absolute favorites.

My version is a merger of divergent tastes. The course is comprised of three distinct levels of flavors. 1. The white wine pasta. 2. The egg & cheese sauce. 3. The caramelized bacon. This is not the easiest dish to make, but well worth the effort.

You will find that the creamy egg sauce mixed with the smoky caramelized bacon is a real winner.

For the White Wine Pasta:
4 cups flour
4 Organic free-range eggs - (whole)
½ tsp olive oil
3 tbs White wine – (Riesling)

     1. Mound the flour on a work surface
     2. Make a well in the center of the flour. Add the eggs, olive oil, and wine
     3. Use a fork to beat together the wet ingredients
     4. Starting at the center slowly incorporate the flour
     5. As you expand out the dough will start to come together
     6. Once you have a cohesive mass, remove the dough. Scrape the board clean.
     7. Lightly reflour the board and kneed for 6 minutes
     8. Wrap the dough in plastic and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.
     9. Roll and shape to desired size.

For the Egg & Cheese Sauce:
5 Organic free-range eggs – (whole)
1 tbs butter – (unsalted)
4 oz St. Andre Triple Cream Cheese
1 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano
Sea salt
White pepper

In cooking eggs it is vital to not overcook. When making this sauce, DO NOT ALLOW THE EGGS TO COAGULATE. You must stir continuously, while playing a game of on-the heat & off-the-heat. If you do not feel comfortable use a double-boiler.

    1. In a saucepan, add the eggs, butter, and triple cream cheese
    2. Set the saucepan over medium heat.
    3. Cook stirring constantly for 2 minutes
    4. Remove from the heat, and continue stirring for 2 minutes
    5. Back on the heat for 2 minutes stirring continuously
    6. Off the heat. Stop cooking if the sauce has come together
    7. Do not allow the eggs to reach 170 F, or they will coagulate
    8. Add the Parmigiano. Season with salt and pepper

For the Caramelized Bacon:
12 oz Bacon – (small dice)
2 tbs Chipotle based hot sauce – (Cholula Brand)
2 drops liquid smoke
2 tbs Brown sugar
2 tbs Organic honey

    1. In a glass mixing bowl, combine the chipotle sauce, brown sugar, honey
    2. Using a dropper, add 2 drops liquid smoke
    3. Mix well. Allow to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes
    4. Cook the bacon over medium heat till crispy.
    5. Drain the pan of the fat and wipe clean
    6. Put the pan over the heat, and allow to get hot again
    7. Add the bacon. Cover with the Chipotle liquid
    8. Cook till the bacon is coated with the liquid and caramelized

To Plate:

    1. Roll the pasta on a carving fork to make a loose ball.
    2. Gently lay on the center of the plate
    3. Generously spoon the egg & cheese sauce
    4. Add the caramelized bacon.
    5. Garnish with edible flowers – (marjoram, thyme, chive)

That’s it for now…till we exchange a few words again…Peace!


  1. Oh, my goodness, this pasta is amazing, Lazaro! The white wine in the pasta, St. Andre Triple Cream Cheese and caramelized bacon - just wow! I love it, it's is an excellent entry for the 5 star makeover, thank you so much!

  2. I got a pasta maker for Christmas and have only used it a few times. I love your pasta recipe and now feel inspired again to make pasta!

  3. Thank you for asking about Jillian. She had surgery on Wednesday (not what was intended because they had to replace her aorta!!). She's in considerable pain and agitated causing her blood pressure to soar. Please keep her in your healing thoughts. She'll have the anticipated surgery in several months. A lot for a three year old! And--she's hungry. Wish I could send off some of your linguini con bacon to her and her family--with a little leftover for me.

    I am really enjoying your postings and those that you send me off to. A year ago I only had my 200+ cookbooks and now I have a whole cyber world of food friends and recipes to keep me company and cooking!


  4. I'm always impressed when people make their own pasta...and the plating is really great - I like how the noodles seem to be all wound in the same direction.

  5. This does look great! I'm getting so hungry :)

  6. What a gorgeous pasta dish! I wanted to thank you for your kind comments...I stopped to visit just before my computer crash and never had the time to say thank you and look at all of your wonderful recipes until tonight.

  7. Yes, I have to agree this looks amazing. I have always wanted to make Pasta Carbonara but always too timid! This is too advanced for me to try BUT I would love to eat it if you made it for me! :)

  8. Oh that sounds so great! And I just got through eating a massive brat and potato salad dinner. Already forgot about it.

  9. Wow, the caramelized bacon sounds fantastic! And what a neat idea to make the pasta with white wine!

  10. You really have great dishes here on your blog. This one would be a very addictive pasta dish for me. It is just amazing. I have never made my own pasta and we just received our first pasta machine via mail order. It has all the bells and whistles and we can't wait to give it a try. I am dying to make my own ravioli! Oh, how I love pasta!

  11. I love that you make your own pasta, love it :)

  12. I like how you swirl the pasta strands like a strudel :)

  13. You've elevated a simple, rustic dish of humble origins to a work of edible art! Only you Lazaro! I wouldn't even think to make my own pasta - the supermarket shelves groan with Italian temptation LOL But to flavour it with wine - Riesling no less! And then, the caramelised bacon! I can only shake my head in wonder, at your passion! Bravo!!!

  14. Wowowowoww....this is amzing, ur the winner for this months make over for sure :-)))
    i love the way u beautfully build up the flavors...white wine pasta , the egg and cheese sauce and the super caramelized bacon...fantastic and beautiful layering :-))
    All the best and will wait for u to announce ur win!

  15. Wow! Just amazing!! This pasta contains many of my favorite ingredients. And the caramalized bacon?!?! Now that's just makes it over the top! Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

  16. Lazaro, I am very impressed that you made your own pasta. The St. Andre Triple Creme Cheese sounds perfect. Your dish is 5 star all the way.

  17. This is very different with the chipotle flavours. Yum. Very rich! Good luck.

  18. What a scrumptious pasta dish. I love all the wonderful flavors you've combined here, and the caramelized bacon - over the top! Your homemade pasta really makes this special.

  19. Congratulations on your pasta dish, I wish you plenty of success.
    I found this dish, posh and very impressive and of course very delicious too.
    Awesome work x

  20. Well, delicious looking are the words for this! Love bacon with pasta and the caramelizing only makes it better! I must give this a try! Thanks!

  21. OH that is a gorgeous pasta dish with your own personal touch. I am curious about the wine in the dough, I know the bacon adds always the smokey/sweet flavor. This dish is a real winner!

  22. I, for one, have never entertained the thought of making my own pasta. I bet it tastes 10x better than store bought ones.

    I'm going to parrot what most people have already said. I'm amazed by the way you build up your flavors by combining such disparate ingredients. Very inspiring! :)

  23. Ok so I just drooled over my keyboard! This sounds totally off the charts!

  24. Hi Lazaro! I'm giving you an award this time!

  25. What a lovely dish for Natasha's 5 Star Makeover! A great rendition of a real classic!

  26. oh wow love pasta dishes like this heavenly

  27. where do i start? wow the white wine pasta--heavenly, the suace oh my thigs..and carmelized bacon, I love that hot sauce..for your first contest you off to a great start..winner winner..


  28. thanks for dropping by a comment on my blogs. hmmm i LOVE your site.. wew! I think I'll try some of your recipe as neophyte in cooking ..:)

  29. Pasta looks great !

  30. WOW Lazaro - This pasta would be amazing just for its explosive flavors - white wine in the pasta, St. Andre Triple Cream Cheese and caramelized bacon - just wow but then to kick it up a notch by making your own pasta!

    Now that my friend separates the true gastronomes from the look alikes!!! Very impressive and a soulful entry to the competition :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  31. Yours homemade linguini looks damn good!
    I wonder where you got all the passion and love for the cooking!

  32. a carbonara with caramelized bacon! yummy... when i lived in Greece where no pancetta could be found I used bacon too! Wonderful recipe ...Grazie

  33. Lazaro> What a super pasta recipe... I am so impressed by the layers of flavor and brilliant idea to add wine to the pasta dough... it really gets me thinking on a whole new avenue for improvisation. Great to find your blog.. it is going to be fun to look back on your previous work!

  34. I really love what you've done with the dish :)

  35. White wine pasta sounds pretty unique! And about that caramelized bacon, I think that works like wonder in the pasta. Great job, Lazaro! Have a fabulous day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  36. This looks great! I love carbonara...the addition of the chipotle hot sauce sounds really intriguing.

  37. This dish looks delicious!! I've never made Pasta Carbonara. I am adding this to my ever growing list of recipes to make.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  38. I'm going to send this to my mother! She's a huge carbonara fan and is always fighting with friends over who has the best recipe. This might need to be thrown into the competition :)

  39. Wow this sounds amazing! I'm going to try to tackle it this weekend on another cooking adventure :)

  40. Fabulous pasta recipe! And I love the St. Andre cheese; actually I like pretty much everything about this recipe! And it makes such a lovely presentation...not too dressy but just right!
    Good luck with Natasha's pasta contest!

  41. How inventive--I love it! I will def try it out:)

  42. One of the best dishes ever! Looks so good Lazaro!

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner?

  43. This is the first time I come to your blog and I must say, I will be around! I loved this pasta, the twist you make with the bacon is really something! Congratulations on your creativity.

    Best wishes,

    Doña Masita

  44. What an impressive carbonara! I love how you added more flavor to it - the sweet and spicy bacon sounds amazing! This is extraordinary!

  45. WOW! That looks amazing..One thing that I cook very often is definitely I will try this recipe.

    BTW thanks a lot for your vote. Really appreciate it.


  46. This looks very delicious. You convinced me to try to make my own pasta. The sauce sounds yummy as well. I will definitely try this recipe. Thanks!

  47. The pasta sounds great...but the carmalized bacon...Wow! I will be trying that!

  48. Wow, incredible and rich! I love the St. Andre Triple cream cheese! I have had a fear of making my own pasta dough and have only done it once. But that's not to say it would stop me from making the sauce with box pasta!!!

  49. Oh my. I would order this right now if it was on a menu. Simply delicious looking and right up my alley.

  50. Hmmm, I thought I left a comment?

    Pasta is my weakness, and this would be gobbled up before anyone else got some!

  51. Wow, WOW!!!!!
    hahahaha... another irrational food fear is making pasta... I have no idea why but I just do. My mum makes it all the time, she makes her spinach, her to-mah-to, her regular pasta...Must get over this strange food fear (cos who doesn't like Eating pasta?!?!) and give this a go.
    So lovely and the caramelized bacon is just brilliant!!

  52. dang that looks absolutely amazing!!


  53. This dish looks and sounds wonderful! Congrats on taking the 5 Star Makeover prize! everything about this sounds so flavorful and delicious.

  54. Hello indulgent lover of pasta like myself could not help but stop by and look at all the wonderful ingredients that went into your creation.
    The presentation alone put the brakes in my step.
    Great ingenuity! I'll certainly have to place this in my top list of pasta dishes to try.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  55. I love the idea of the triple cream cheese. I make pasta with eggs (different versions) all the time. In one version, I do cook the eggs, so it's almost like a scrambled egg, pasta.


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