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Blogcritics Article & Guest Post Spotlight Thursday

New article up on BC...Thank you Caitlin!  This article explores whether vegetarian food can be sexy.  I highlighted 3 dishes that proves it can be...One by Nancy, One by the incomparable Silvia at Citron et Vanille, and one by me.  Here's the linkage...

Dirty Sexy Vegetarian

Now time for an awesome guest post spotlight....

I am proud to welcome Tanantha author of the creative blog, I Just Love My Apron. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her witty writing style and fantastic recipes. A resident of the Pacific Northwest, she preaches the importance of supporting sustainable fish. That is reason enough to read her blog.

Thank you Tanantha, for sharing your gifts with us!

Tilapia in a Silver Pouch

Hi Lazaro Cooks’ readers and followers! My name is Tanantha from I Just Love My Apron, nice to meet you all. When I got a request from Lazaro to guest blog on Lazaro Cooks, I thought he was joking! Not that he wasn’t serious, but it was beyond my expectation to be asked from someone like him to guest blog. I had to ask him again if he was serious..hahaha. I was thrilled, honored and super excited to be a part of his creative, informative, and wonderful blog. I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous…I just don’t want to ruin his wonderful blog and I hope I won’t!

I picked this dish (especially the tilapia) because it was way back when that Lazaro wrote about sustainable fish. Because of that post I got a chance to read more on his blog and became one of his readers. Not only are there his wonderful posts he offers, but also his kindness and encouragement. If you’re reading this, you probably couldn’t agree with me more.

Consequently, I somehow have a link map in my mind between tilapia and Lazaro. Funny huh? This dish will remind me of him and I hope you all will like it too.

I came up with this dish idea when Seattle was nice out over a particular weekend and it was perfect for a grill day. Instead of grilling steak, I was craving for savory fish. My old past memory and new experience were put together here. Traditionally, it should be steamed in a steamer but having it in a pouch is just so cute and mysterious. Your guests won’t know what is in there and what it’s going to look like. It’s a fun dish for a party! It also won’t trouble you to prepare ‘coz it’s real simple and rich in flavor—both the sauce and the fish. You’re ready to roll. The pouch also helps for aroma.

Since Asian cuisine is my expertise, I couldn’t miss adding an Asian twist to this dish. This tilapia pouch requires a special sauce. It’s a seafood sauce with South East Asian style. For full ingredients and directions are posted on my blog. Seafood Sauce-Asian Style

I had to post it on my blog because it can be used in multiple dishes—all kinds of seafood. You will probably see some more future posts with this sauce. However, I will put the ingredients and brief directions on here as well.

If you don’t have a grill, you can put this in a broiler on hi heat. It works fine.

Tilapia and Asian Seafood sauce in Silver Pouch

Yield: 1 individual serving - - you can double proportion to the number of guests


• 1 tablespoon of special seafood sauce**

• 1 tilapia fillet

• 1 teaspoon match stick peeled ginger

• Salt and pepper

• 16-18 inch in length of aluminum foil wrap

Special Seafood Sauce-South East Asian Style


• 3 tablespoons fish sauce

• 4 tablespoons sugar

• 3 limes, juice

• 4 big garlic cloves

• 1-1 1/2 tablespoons chopped ginger

• 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

• 4 Thai Chilies

Directions for the sauce:

You basically blend everything together to form a liquid sauce

Directions for Tilapia in a Silver Pouch:

• Use paper towel to dry fish fillet

• Place each fillet on foil paper (shiny side down)

• Sprinkle with salt and pepper over the fish

• Pour 1 tablespoon of the seafood sauce over the fillet

• Place match stick gingers on top. This will help with aroma sense which will tie with ginger in the sauce

• Crease the foil first from the top, then roll it down. Then, fold on the sides to seal the pouch

• Grill it on medium high heat (400 F) for 10 mins or your desire of doneness

• The fun part is when you open to see it! The aroma from ginger and sauce will rise before you can take a peek. Enjoy!

• Optional: Pour another 1 teaspoon of the seafood sauce over the fish or steamed rice for more flavors. Serve with steamed rice and vegetable


  1. Love tilapia and love cooking on the BBQ!
    I have never married the two but they will now say I do...

  2. A very delicious and flavourful fish dish. Nicely presented.

  3. I loved the article, Lazaro, and I completely agree. I no longer eat meat unless I know it was treated humanely and processed safely. A lot of my meals become vegetarian/vegan kind of accidentally, and I no longer think of meat as the main or even a necessary part of a dish. I don't miss it at all. :)

    And Tanantha (love your name!) - great job! The fish looks fantastic. I also love the rice cake you made. :)

  4. great article, we hardly eat any meat at all, fish rules, however now with the spill in the gulf we are worried...oh well I can really live on Crab legs like Tom Hanks did! lol great readv love the fish and rice cakes look awesome thanks

  5. Oh my, what a delicious post. I can think of many uses for that wonderful Asian style seafood sauce. Like Tanantha I live in the Pacific Northwest and love our outstanding seafood.

  6. Lazaro, you are always introducing me to great cooks and blogs! I'm off to have a visit with Tanantha right now.



  7. I like the pouch way to cook fish. It sounds wonderful with all those great flavors!

  8. Hey Lazaro and Tanantha, this dish sounds super summery and delicious. I can't get Tilapia that is wild and sustainable, but I'll be sure to try this with local fish here (if there not all swallowed up in oil soon).
    By the way, Tanantha is a witchy cool name!

  9. Don't be nervous, you did a great job on your guest post!! And Lazaro, I quite agree - vegetarian food can be quite sexy indeed!

  10. Ohhh, I'm so glad you shared this recipe today! I have so much fish on hand at the moment and couldn't for the life of me think what to try next. :-) This is splendid!!

  11. Lovely post.
    I am sure you guys will come up with delicious and wonderful dishes.
    Excellent recipe.
    I am off to Portugal for a break ♥

  12. Thank you everyone for the support! Your comments made my day and I'm glad some of you love my name :) Special thanks to Lazaro for the opportunity.

  13. great dish, we love tilpia and this would a perfect weeknight meal


  14. I really love this cooking method and the sauce sounds wonderful! Quite versatile and loaded with flavor. And it's easy clean-up!

  15. Yum! That looks delicious! I love tilapia. I will definitely need to try this one.

  16. This recipe sounds wonderful; I really like asian flavor with seafood...I eat a lot of fish and shrimp and will definitely try it...Thanks Tanantha; hope you have a wonderful day.

  17. Tanantha...a beautiful name indeed. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful post. Your talent with food is only rivaled by your sweetness of spirit.


  18. Hi Tanantha :)

    This is right up my alley - I love fish and well, I think I've developed something of a reputation for my spice fetish ;) It looks and sounds wonderful and being healthy is always a bonus. I love that you've chosen a sustainable fish as this is something very close to Lazaro's heart and something that I aspire to.

    Thanks Lazaro for graciously sharing the spotlight with yet another talented and delightful blogger!

  19. Fabulous guest post! I'm always looking for new recipes I can make on the grill this time of year -- I'll definitely be putting this recipe to use soon! :)

  20. That's a wonderful recipe Tanantha! I think the secret is all in the sauce ;-) My family loves grilling fish like that and then using the meat to wrap in rice paper with vermicelli and vegetables. This is an awesome summertime dish. Thank you for sharing your lovely recipe Tanantha. And thank you Lazaro for another excellent guest post.

  21. Wow, great way to cook tilapia...have to try it soon since we eat lots of tilapia...thanks for the recipe ;-)

  22. Great guest post! Love the sauce in sauce..yummy!

  23. Tanantha, I'm always searching for more tilapia recipes and yours en papillote substituting foil for the parchment is very intriguing. And done on the grill too! A beach bar in the Bahamas used to cook their fish in foil on the grill (parchment paper was impossible to find there) and it was fantastic, but I never quite figured out exactly how to use the grill. So I'm very pleased to finally find the method. I'm a big sauce fan so I'll be giving your recipe a try.

    Now I'm off the read Lazaro's latest Blogcritics Dirty Sexy Vegetables. Can't wait....

  24. I'm always looking for new ways to "play" with Tilapia. The technique and combinations sounds yummy:) A keeper:)

    Thanks for sharing, Tanantha and thank you Lazaro for the introduction!!!

  25. nice recipe..looks so delicious..

  26. Hi Tanantha and Lazaro! Sounds like a very tasty and healthy dish. The secret is defnitely in the sauce. Great recipe and awesome post!

  27. Oh this looks delicious! I love Tilapia :)

    Have a great time this weekend in Miami!

  28. I am sooooo making this next week. Monday I think. I can't wait. Great guest post. Can't wait to go check out her blog. Thanks Lazaro...have a great weekend!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  29. Not sure how I missed this one when it came out, I guess my life is chaotic these days. I just saw the tilapia in papillote and left a comment. Lovely and healthy dish! I love all kinds of papillotes. Great guest post pick! and again merci infiniment for featuring one of mine...deeply flattered.

  30. Awesome guest post! Tilapia is such a versatile essentially picks up any flavor you throw at it. And this marinade - excellent.

  31. I should SO try this recipe for the husband. He is a big tilapia fan and who doesn't love to grill? Sounds easy too- bonus! Great guest post. Hope you enjoy your weekend

  32. YUM!!!! La Diva loves me some Asian flavors!

  33. Welcome Tanantha! I love tilapia and the element of surprise you add with the pouch is a great twist for the presentation!

  34. Hi Tanantha,
    great post! The fish looks absolutely divine and I like how they're kind of en papillote. I love when my food is cooked in packages.


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