Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quickies Challenge Update & Final Call

Thank you so much for everyone who has supported our Quickies Cooking Challenge.  There is still time to enter if you have not done so.

Please click on this link to Denise's Blog Quickies on the Dinner Table where she posted all the entries we have.

If your name is not on that list, and you sent an entry, please contact me via email

We are doing everything possible to avoid leaving anyone out.  That would be the worst.

Quickies on the Dinner Table Contest Entry List

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. I must say, I have never tried combining avocado with feta. Shall be looking forward to seeing all the possibilities and give it a try.

  2. Unfortunately for now I can't join you. I'm still staring at too many challenges as it is...and they aren't quick ;)

    I want to wish everyone all the very best. Great ingredients to work with!
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  3. Hey Lazarito. I did it! It's done. Yes! I need to go read your article on blog critics now...ay...

  4. I'm so bummed, but I won't be able to participate! It's such an exciting idea and fun challenge, but due to a new job and lots of recent travel I haven't gotten around to it. Next time, I'm in! Good luck to the participants! Can't wait to see who wins!

  5. Good luck to everyone...Happy week Lazaro.

  6. So sorry I've missed this challenge ... just got back from being away and will be out tonight so no time to cook. Waah! Looking forward to checking out the entries though and will hope to participate next time.

    By the way, thanks so much for the kind words about my bourbon milkshake! I must admit I was rather shocked to win Natasha's challenge - the entries were spectacular!!

    Will be following you too. Happy cooking! :)

  7. Looks like fun! I am away all summer- but I have enjoyed the challenges to date - and will watch for this one.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the results of the contest. Awesome!

  9. good luck to everyone..


  10. Ciao Lazaro,

    Just dropped by to say hallo and thank you for your comment.
    I'll also be happy to follow you.

    Have a great day!


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