Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cuban Clam Fritters with Cilantro Mayo

Welcome to Winning Recipe Saturday

In July I was fortunate to win the Magic Bullet Recipe Giveaway on my friend Natasha's classy blog 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures.  The Magic Bullet is a convenient and compact food processor.  Right now, The Lawyer is monopolizing it to make her smoothies.  Thanks to the fine people at Magic Bullet for selecting my recipe and of course to our host, the 5 Star Foodie herself.

Florida clams thrive in our nutrient rich waters.  They are prized for their firmly textured, moist, and extra lean meat.  Florida clams are available year round and a great sustainable seafood.  Clams should be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly before cooking.  You'll also need a clam knife.  Maybe another day I'll post a tutorial on shucking clams, because the Lawyer is not home and there is nobody here to take the pics.  Clams overcook very quickly so please PAY ATTENTION to your cooking times.

This dish is sure to make you a complete superstar at your next dinner party.  The clams are lightly coated in a flavorful breading, then QUICKLY fried in peanut oil, and plated on a bed of avocado, mango, red onion, and cucumber.  Finished with a delightful cilantro mayo.


Cuban Clam Fritters

1 Organic egg
4 tbs Mineral Water
1 cup Galleta Molida – Cuban cracker meal
1 tsp Smoked Pimenton
1 tsp Fennel Pollen
1 tsp Chervil
1 tsp Marjoram
16 Clams – shucked & well drained
Peanut oil

Avocado - small dice
Cucumber - small dice
Mango - small dice
Red Onion - small dice

Sherry Vinaigrette 
Vinagre de Jerez
Avocado oil
Lime juice
Sea salt
White pepper

Whisk the egg and water in a glass bowl to combine. Combine the galleta molida, smoked pimenton, fennel pollen, chervil, and marjoram in a Magic Bullet. Process to a finely medium consistency. Transfer to a plate.

Dip the clams in the egg mixture and then the seasoned galleta molida. Shake off excess. Heat the peanut oil in a heavy bottom pan to 350 F. Drop the clams into the oil and cook for 1 minute. DO NOT OVERCOOK. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towels to drain.

Make a bed of cucumber, avocado, mango, and red onion.  Lightly dress with Sherry Vinaigrette.  Lay the clams and garnish with Cilantro mayo.

Cilantro Mayo
1 small shallot – chopped
1 garlic clove – chopped
3 tbs fresh Meyer lemon juice
1 cup fresh cilantro – stems & leaves
½ cup olive oil mayo
1 organic egg yolk
Sea salt

Put the shallot, garlic, lime juice, and cilantro in the Magic Bullet. Pulse to make a paste. Add the mayo and egg yolk. Process to make a smooth sauce. Season with sea salt.


If you want to go next level, then serve this beauty.

Florida Clams Po-Boy on Cuban Bread 

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Beautiful pictures Lazaro. Unfortunately, I am allergic to shellfish but it looks lovely anwyay.

  2. Oh Man! I saw the picture of the fritters and thought: sweet! And then I saw the po-boy sandwich and I was like: BEST! Gorgeous as always!

  3. you won the magic bullet?! How fun. I won mine at my company Christmas raffle! It is such a great kitchen tool. I love clams, these fritters sound so yummy. I have never cooked clams though! Someday...

  4. Wow, this Cuban poor boy sounds just amazing. Between that sandwich and the clam fritter I'd be in heaven

  5. I am so glad I saw this- You totally reminded me of something I wanted to try AND gave me inspiration to try different shellfish-
    When my husband and I visited Spain last year we enjoyed fried calarmari on baguette and talked about making it when we got home- now with clams too!
    The cilantro sauce looks great- we've been using our abundance of fresh herbs for many sauces and garnishes.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Another delicious and very special cooking proposal.
    You are unstoppable.
    Wishing you a great weekend ♥

  7. Congratulations on winning a giveaway! I'll have to hide this post from my husband, Scott because he would go crazy for your clams and especially the sandwich. Just kidding, I'll show it to him so he can enjoy the pictures, lol! Delicious recipes, love the cilantro mayo, keep up these fantastic and inspirational posts Lazaro, I love seeing what's coming out of your kitchen next:-)

  8. Congratulations on winning the magic bullet. The fritters and the Po Boy on Cuban bread looks fabulous. I love the Sherry Vinaigrette and the addition of the Cilantro Mayo.

  9. clam fritters, oh say it isn't so....I haven't had them in so long, and on po boy is the way to eat you got me craving clam fritters....where in Philadelphia can I find them....sigh....I may have to make them, thanks for the recipe and that wonderful mayo!!

  10. You make everything look so appetizing!! We have clam cakes here in Rhode Island that are similar to these, but nowhere near as refined! Looks great :)

  11. Adore the fritters...The choice of peanut oil with these flavors is masterful... and the herbs as well. Fantastic dish :) The po-boy is an excellent adaption.

  12. I love the presentation and colour of the clam fritters. Peanut oil adds wonderful flavour to foods fried in it. Excellent call. Beautiful salsa and dressing. Excellent dish all around. The Po boy is a huge bonus.....

  13. I love those clam fritters, prize more than well deserved! And the Po-Boy is looking totally delicious! Btw I got my MB in the mail yesterday :)

  14. congratulations on winning the the magic bullet... i love the presentation of your clam fritters, but I'm ready to bite that sandwich away.. YUM-o!

  15. Congrats on winning the magic bullet, Laz!! Clam fritters look flavorful and love the little crunchy of spice breading! I agree with the next level with the po-boy. Man, thats's money! raw egg yolk in a cilantro mayo? Hmm..that's why need organic eggs!! :)

    I make smoothies almost everyday now as it's hot, so I understand the lawyer hehe. That would be good if you could post how to shuck clams or oysters. I always asked people do it for me :D

    Lovely presentation! I learn a new spice from you everytime!

  16. presentation a perfect 10! Taste I can only imagine! Beautiful ingredients, a mayonnaise with a twist, bed of veggies...perfection!

  17. yummy and I love that cilantro sauce and the avocado ! nice touches too with the avocado oil etc.

  18. Your clams look lovely and unique. I'd love to try them! :)

  19. My mother SWEARS by the magic bullet. Up and down SWEARS. The cilantro mayo. Delicious.

  20. Two more fabulous dishes. Great presentation of clam fritters. And who doesn't love a good Po'boy? Sure do miss all that fresh Florida seafood!

  21. Okay, I'm a bit livid. Just left a long comment and it's now gone!

    Aargh... let's see. I was saying in Spanish that I don't do clams but they look so cuuuute! Maybe I'll make them for mom & dad while I visit them in DC! And, congrats on winning the magic bullet. Seen the informercial and I think I'd like to try one!

    Also, adding you to my blogroll! :)

  22. A po' boy is one of the most direct routes to my heart. I absolutely adore this one, a real stunner.

  23. omg this looks fantastic....I could eat the picture!

  24. Congrats on your win! That's a nifty gadget to have now. I am not a huge fan of clams, but this could possibly change my mind!

  25. Congrats on the win...hope the wife is making smoothies for you too...

    Love this clams. I already had dinner, but I could go for this delightful sandwich right now!

    Look forward to the tutorial on cleaning clams.


  26. Stunning presentation as always, and these sound really fantastic with the different herbs in there! Love that Po-Boy too!

  27. Omg Lazaro, I just had clams twice this weekend (two different styles of cooking) and both your dishes are making me crave for more! Beautifully presented as always. Deep fried clams are delicious but you've definitely perfected this dish with your bed of avocado, mango, red onion and cucumber. What a delight to look at but I'm sure more delightful to eat! DROOL!

  28. clam fritter with ciantro mayo, oh yum...i knew when I saw your recipe of 5 star you were going to win...congrats!!


  29. oh, wow, Lazaro... those clams? they look fantastic! And that sandwich? I wish I had one right now. Once again and as always, great great job!

  30. I simply GaGa over this! I have never had a pooboy, but this would work! On the list...

  31. Wow, the clams look so yummie, specially with the mayo sauce :-) And congratulations on your magic bullet.

  32. Cuban cracker meal? Fennel pollen? Those two items I have never heard of. Might find the second in a Health food store? The other I would definitely not find here. What would be similar? This is my kind of dish. It sounds SO flavourful!... and looks delectable. I would love to also serve this as an amuse bouche. I can imagine the flavour pop!

  33. I want one of those right now! you are killing me with your seafood, I love clams and I can just imagine how delicious this all is. I have never tasted a Po-Boy while in NOLA, but I can tell you that your version is the right one for me!

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    1. The Cuban calm fritters with cilantro mayo is very tasty. You can try it with the recipe given here


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