Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beach-Side Wheat Berry Salad

Today is a special day in the LC household...Audi's 2nd Birthday!  So the birthday boy, ever so slightly intimated, that he should get some pub on the blog for his special day.  Oh, the vanity!

Audi was living in the parking lot of our condo community before the Lawyer and I took him in about a year ago.  Sleeping under cars, by the dumpsters, or in the bushes.  Now he sleeps...

On my sofa...

And on my bed...

Happy Birthday Lil' Buddy.  Thanks for taking over my apartment!

Welcome to Guest Post Spotlight Thursday

This week I am happy to welcome Kenzie from A Healthy Purpose a blog very passionate about educating people on eating healthy.  It is an amazing holistic health blog, a treasure trove of solid information and vegan recipes.  Kenzie enjoys a high-vegan, high-raw lifestyle, concentrating on foods that fuel your body and make you feel good. Apart from solid nutritonal advice, Kenzie is a fantastic writer, and a dedicated champion of seasonal foods.

Please check out Kenzie's well-written and educational site.  I guarantee you will learn something every time.


Hello Lazaro Cooks Readers! If you’re anything like me, the September calendar date has you saying, “What?!?! Where did the first 3/4 of my year go?” I like to think this is completely natural (and unfair), especially when we’re about to say goodbye to the most beloved season: Summer. Barbecues, waking up to sunshine, days by the pool or on the beach--there really isn’t a better time of year.

So for my post today, I wanted to share a recipe that holds onto Summer, letting it know we just aren’t ready to say goodbye.

What I love most about this dish, is that it sticks to my principles of trying to eat along side the seasons, and appreciating local fare--a concept I know Lazaro is passionate about too.

So while the juicy berries and fresh greens are still in season, but the weather is starting to turn cooler and the kids are rushing back to school, you can jump in the kitchen and make this Wheat Berry Salad: reminiscent of the beach but perfect for packed lunches and making one large dish to last all week.

Beach-Side Wheat Berry Salad: (serves 6-8)

2 cups soft white wheat berries
1/2 head curly kale
1-2 cups fresh blueberries
1 cup walnuts
1/4 cup + 1 tsp walnut oil (or other subtle oil)
1/4 cup maple syrup
juice from 1/2 orange
1 tsp salt

1. Cooking wheat berries: Okay, don’t be intimidate. Put you wheat berries in filtered water with a tablespoon of lemon juice for at least an hour, or overnight. This removes phytic acid (found in all grains and seeds) and makes the grain more digestible. Then bring 8 cups of water to a boil. Add strained wheat berries, cover, and cook on low for about an hour, or until tender.

2. Wash the Kale*. And chop or rip into very fine pieces. Pour the 1tsp of walnut oil over the greens and coat thoroughly using your hands.

3. Make the Dressing by combining oil, syrup, orange juice, and salt

4. Combine kale, warm** wheatberries, blueberries, walnuts***, and dressing into large bowl, mix, and serve hot or cold.

5. Enjoy!

*If you’re intimidated by kale, use spinach, and don’t bother with the teaspoon of oil

**Adding the hot wheat berries to the salad wilts the kale and brings out the flavor of the other ingredients.

***For an extra smokey, nutty flavor, toast the walnuts on low heat in skilled for about 10 minutes.

Do you see where my inspiration came from?? I really am trying to hold on as long as possible while still eating the colors from the world around us.

Of course, there really is no better way to pay tribute to the beautiful food on our planet than by really relishing in seasonal food and expressing our creativity with great natural ingredients.

I hope the transition to fall finds you all well! And please, stop by my blog, A Healthy Purpose, to continue eating seasonally as fall inevitably finds us.


  1. Happy Birthday Audi. There is an old saying that "dogs have masters, and cats have staff" :-)

    The Wheat Berry Salad is beautiful. Proof that healthy is delicious. I enjoyed this guest post. I am heading over to say hello to Kenzie.

  2. I love love love your baby! so precious I am actually sitting here looking at that beautiful furry delight and wanting to squeeze him! I would love to be eating that berry salad too, what a fresh delich from a healthy purpose nice job!

  3. Happy Birthday Audi! He is such a little cutie. The salad looks fantastic -- LOVE the blueberries in it!

  4. Happy Birthday, Audi! Today is the 2 year anniversary of when we adopted my dog too! They'd be kindred spirits if he didn't hate cats so much :)

    Kenzie's recipe looks delicious, and I love her beach view!

  5. Love wheatberry salads. Never would have thought of blueberries but this sounds delicious.

    Happy birthday sweet Audi! Sleep wherever you like!!


  6. Happy Birthday handsome Audi!...Great photos, he has such a sweet face and looks so happy; he's a lucky boy to have found such great parents!...Love that adorable belly action!!...Kenzie's healthy eating recipes are great and she's got a gorgeous view...Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

  7. Happy Birthday Audi!! What a life! Loving the looks of this salad- Wheat berries were a favorite of my grandmother's
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Happy Birthday Audi!!

    Laz - he's the sweetest thing on four feline legs!! You take such good care of him!

    Kenzie - your salad is as beautiful as the landscape that inspired it. Just the colours alone tell me how good this is for my body! I've never had wheat berries before but you really make me want to try some.

    Thank you both for a beautiful and healthful post :)

  9. Aww, Happy Birthday to Audi! I think that it's so sweet that you and your wife rescued him from the parking lot.

    That salad sounds wonderful! Great combination of ingredients and beautifully put together. Thank you for sharing Kenzie.

  10. Love Audi. What a cutie face, he looks so happy! Very nice salad, Kenzie. A lot of good flavors going on. That beautiful beach is definitely inspiring!

  11. Happy birthday, Audi!

    That wheatberry salad sounds amazing. I seriously need something exactly like that right now with all the running around I do. This is a blog I must follow.

  12. I had a cat just like yours. I remembered yesterday remeniscing how my cat found some curry powder that I have spilled and you could'd take her away from it. She puffed up three sizes too big and rolled around in it until I had to take her out of the kitchen.
    Beautiful healthy salad. Love the wheat! We have a beautiful wheat cream that is prepared for Christmas, but another time about that!

  13. Love the addition of blueberries in the salad! Happy birthday to Audi :)

  14. Thank you everyone for the kind words! And Lazaro for the opportunity. I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable labor day :)

  15. That is one beautiful, healthy and delicious looking salad!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  16. Happy Birthday Audi! You look like you could be brothers with my cat Andy.

    I look forward to following your blog...that salad looks amazing! Happy cooking :)

  17. Kenzie, great guest post and I thank you for sharing this recipe. A new restaurant here makes a wheatberry and edamame salad that I love. Thanks to your tips and suggestions, I am definitely have to try my hand at a wheatberry salad!

    Lazaro, thanks once again for turning the floor over to another terrific guest blogger, and happy birthday to Audi!

  18. Growing up on a grain farm in Canada you would think we would eat wheat berries. No, not until I moved to the city! I love 'em. Great salad. I love cats and yours is so adorable.

  19. Happy Birthday Audi! It almost seems like he poses for the camera. So cute!

    The salad looks wonderful.

    Happy 4th quarter! (gosh...can you tell I worked in finance).


  20. A very Happy Birthday(belated)to Audi!
    You are teaching new ways of relaxation cutee!Great pose!

    The salad look wonderful with the addition of blueberries! It's healthy and delicious!

  21. I love Velva's quote about cats having staff! The trip through the day was incredible and the beach - wild and wonderful.! This is definitely MY kind of salad: hearty, healthy, delicious, nutritious and with the juicy blueberries - well, and the beach? YUM!

  22. That is a very good tip about the wheat berries, I've never soaked them with lemon juice before, but will try that next time. This is a nutrition packed meal, and perfect to be enjoyed on the beach front.

  23. I'm a little late on commenting, but Audi is soooo cute! Happy belated b-day little guy.

    Good tip on the wheatberries!

  24. Happy Birthday Audie - what great photos they give some indication of the character involved.

    This salad with wheat berries and blueberries sounds simply amazing. Cannot wait to try.

  25. Happy Birthday to your very lucky cat! What a delicious looking, colourful and healthy salad! I liked your guest post on Deana's site too :)

  26. you have such a cute cat! Happy (belated) birthday Audi!

  27. Happy belated Birthday Audi! Your sleeping position is my favorite haha.

    Great guest post! I too didn't want to let summer slip away as it's coming to an end :( I've never heard of white wheat berries before. How interesting! The salad looked so summery, light, healthy, and yet refreshing. Fresh blue berries are great on a salad!

  28. This is a magnificent salad and I have got to try it! I just love all the ingredients. Thanks for a wonderful post and thanks to Lazaro for your continued support of such talented bloggers.


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