Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oyster Culture Guest Post

I am walking a fine line on the blog these days, because I have a lot of crap that's getting on my nerves.  However, if I come on here every time and vent, well I'll become the "Angry Guy" or the "Negative Guy."  So my solution is to give it to you...in small dosages.

Many of my foodie friends have been knocked out of Pretentious Buzz's "Contest."  I know it sucks to be told, "hey you're gone!"

However, there's nothing to hang your head about.  You know who you are.  I read your blogs weekly and you people do an amazing job.  Every week you pour your heart out and always have something wonderful to offer.  DO NOT LET THIS GET YOU DOWN.  Keep doing the great work and inspiring us.

I voted for 3 of my friends today.  However, looking through some of the other "Luxury" meals I really...okay more to come on Saturday.

Today, I want to introduce you to an awesome food resource.  LouAnn runs Oyster Food and Culture this is a food site not a blog.  I view it like I view Blogcritics, an awesome place to read good material.  Yes, they have recipes, akin to a food blog, but it is so much more.  Recently, they published content rich articles on Padron Peppers, Ajwain. and the various incarnations of Peppercorns.  If you do not learn something by reading Oyster Food and Culture, either you are not paying attention or you simply cannot read!

Plus, LouAnn has the best blogroll anywhere.  You can spend hours finding the most incredible blogs to read.  I have found some of my favorite content rich sites, just from trolling her blogroll.

Long story short, or maybe this is too long as is?!  I have a post on there today.  Please check it out and leave LouAnn a nice word about her fabulous site.  Even better yet, sign up to follow Oyster Food and Culture.  Here's the linkage to my post...

A First at Oyster - Guest Post: Sustainably Season Food

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Will do- I think it is such a gift when people have great blog rolls!

  2. Sounds like a good site to catch up on later thanks for sharing! Check out my list Lazaro!

  3. I know LouAnn's site must be amazing if it comes highly recommended by you. :) Off to check it out!

  4. Great post Lazaro... I live out in LA and i'm so lucky because we have tons of farmers markets every day of the week so it's easy to get delicious local produce. I love it. When it comes to meat though, I don't eat much of it but I have to admit i haven't been the most earth friendly. I need to get better at that.

  5. Great post, Lazaro!! I left a comment over there too :)

  6. "Luxury" was really taken out of context in a lot of the round 3 posts. I know we all define luxury differently but I know a luxirious meal when I see one. I think that is what you are getting at.....? 5 star foodie rocked that challenge.

  7. Will check it out shortly. It took me a few mins to realize what Pretentious Buzz's "Contest." is ha. Yeah, don't let this discourage you. Remember why you started from the place first and keep doing what you do!

  8. Most of my friends have made it to round three in the challenge and I'm so pleased for them. I'm not sure if the challenge so far isn't just a popularity contest. But there will be judges in the end....so we'll see.
    I'm off now to check out LouAnne's site.

  9. LouAnn's site is definitely one of my favorites - heading over to check out your post there!

    Daisy - thank you so much :)

  10. it's not worth getting down about--we blog because we feel passionate about our food! not to win competitions. Not making it to the luxury round was a bummer--but no big deal.Sometimes my idea of luxury isnt another's anyways!

  11. I personally do not like contest, because I feel everyone is wonderful in their own right and way, but these things happen...

    Oyster Culture is wonderful, just like all of you, she does a great job in her posts!

    I am playing catch up on blog, since I have been out of the loop and in Spain, hope you are doing fine...breath...I get stressed, one reason why I do not do well with contest...

  12. If you recommend I must have a look.
    I hope you are well ♥

  13. I've read Oyster Food and Culture before - I'll check out your post and look at her Blogroll more closely this time! I've been reading some of the Round 3 posts in the Pretentious Buzz's challenge :)- too much to keep up with. I'm looking for your catfish recipe...

  14. Hi Laz

    Just came from Lou Ann's amazing site and actually read all the way down her blogroll - you were right! Amazing!

    Thanks for another informative and inpirational post!

  15. Thank you for sharing the links, very interesting. I think I have now enough reading material to get my husband really worried about my blogging addiction.

    But I never entered a blogging competition... not even sure where I would start from... maybe it is better eh!

  16. The title alone makes me hungry! Will definitely check it out.

    I love your vent posts because you say what I think- keep em coming!

  17. Been there- it's awesome. And agree with all the rest :)
    xoxo Pattie

  18. Lazaro - I cannot tell you what an honor it is that you provided me this wonderful inspiration post on sustainability. I have not thanked 5 Star properly for having you guest post on her site so I discovered yours.

    Thank you for all you do!

  19. Oyster Food and Culture is a new find for me...Off to check it out :)
    P.S. We would never think of you as "Angry Guy" or "Negative Guy"

  20. Headin on over.. I don't think you're an "angry guy" just use my tactic.. I always just tell people, don't hate because I'm honest and I just pointing out the obvious :)

  21. I enjoyed your post, and I'm enjoying LouAnn's site, as well, so thank you!

    Reading your post reminded me of this TED Talk which I think you'd like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EUAMe2ixCI
    I actually don't know why I never thought to send it to you before, given how much you talk about sustainable fish. ;)

    PS - I completely agree about Project Foodbuzz and those who didn't get through. There are some very talented bloggers still in the competition, but there are definitely very talented bloggers who didn't make it to the current round. They're still fantastic, regardless of how many votes they managed to get.

  22. Lazaro I saw your guest post on LouAnn! Excellent and wonderful photos, good & delicious work!!

    All the best,


  23. There were definitely a lot of blogs that I felt should make it to the next round that didn't...I'm just grateful I'm still hanging in there! Thanks so much for you continued support. I appreciate it!

    I'm off to check out your guest post. :D

  24. Back from Lou Ann's informative site & posted my comments there.

    Thks for sharing things beautiful! Hear from u soon :) Oh, dun forget to follow my blog to get the latest updates!

  25. Hmmmm....very interesting about the Foodbuzz challenge. I didn't know that some bloggers would take it so seriously, it's a BLOG contest! meh. I have real trouble in the serious foodie world cuz as important as my business is to me and making excellent food is to me and how important it is to continue on my journey to educate myself on all things culinary, I just can't take it so seriously as to let it upset me when things don't turn out. It's food. Nothing else. You make it, eat it, enjoy it and then it's gone until the next meal.

    Going to check out Oyster Culture now, thanks Laz!


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