Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What is an iFriend?

I truly thought that this was going to be my easiest week of blogging yet. Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, my friends. I have posted everyday so far! Since people’s attention spans are quite short, I know that I am probably speaking to about 3 of you. Stay with me, I have something to say.

First off, Happy Birthday Mami! Today is my Momma’s B-day and I wanted to shout her out. But she doesn’t read blogs, so I think I’ll call her.

What is an iFriend? I call these the friends we make online. The “i” stands for impersonal. You good people know me as Lazaro, and I cook. I am the dude in the photo with the Mohawk. Or am I? How do you know?

There is a great scene in the beginning of the film Closer. Clive Owen plays a doctor and we find him in his office between patient visits exchanging sexually explicit emails with someone who he thinks is a woman. We come to find out that he’s actually exchanging emails with Jude Law, a dude, who is having a grand old time fucking with his mind. The point is, it’s pretty damn impersonal.

The blogging world is exceedingly positive. That is a good thing. But lets be honest, much of it is fake as hell. Not all dishes are great. Not all recipes are fantastic. Nobody is a nice person all the time.

That’s just keeping it real. I like real. I live in real. I detest bullshit. I am not everyone’s proverbial “Cup of Tea.” I try to be myself, though. All the time. I say what’s on my mind and really do not give a shit if anyone likes me.

I respect people that have something to say.  I do not advocate cruelty, or bloggers spewing venom on other people's sites.  However, I do get a kick out of the ones that aren't afraid to let loose and be honest when they comment.  Your names are on the tips of my fingers but I won't single you out.

I have what I call, “My Peoples”. My special group.  These are foodies that I have had the privilege of getting to know on a more intimate level.

Have I met any in person? No.
Have I spoken to any on the phone? Yes.
Have I made any significant worthwhile connections? In my opinion, Yes.

Whether it’s on Facebook, email, or chatting on google chat.  You know who you are. We chat about…

1, Why we puree everything?
2. Our favorite local hidden gem restaurants
3. Your new business venture
4. Your kids
5. Audi
6. Number 5
7. Fringe
8. The next Quickies Challenge
9. 5 Star joints - (as in restaurants)
10. Our love of sustainable fish and organic foods

Thank you for enriching my blogging adventure. You’ve been and will continue to be one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I would give you every award in the blogosphere. You know that!

This was given to me by one of “My PeoplesAlisha from The Ardent Epicure. Alisha is one of the most supportive friends around. Do yourself a favor, just click on the above highlighted link and say hello to her. I guarantee you will thank me for it.

Take this award and give it to someone who’s made an impact in your blogging life.

No rules, just right. Do it because you feel like it.

I want to single out two special people. These two friends are incredibly talented, but more importantly to me, exceedingly supportive. Please get to know them.

LeQuan from luvtoeat

Patty from Patty's Food

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Congrats on your award. You are a honest dude. And this is an amazing post.

  2. I'm going to come back and check out LeQuan and Patty. For now, I'm packing up and carrying myself back to old Virginia where I shall feast on buttermilk biscuits stuffed with country ham and other southern "delicacies". My two sisters (Florida and Northern Virginia) and I meet in our hometown of Roanoke very October. Oliver (who, thank you is doing great) and my husband will stay behind and keep things running--even better than I could.


  3. It's so true--you really have no idea who you are talking to. I've never seen Closer but that opening scene sounds funny in a disturbing kind of way. Good to know that you, at least, are real! I like that you try to get a little personal with people in the very impersonal enviornment that is the web. It is and will continue to be a big reason why you have such a sucessful blog and following. Congrats on the award!

  4. I LOVE these posts! I love real, that's why I come back here all the time.

    Happy birthday to your Mami!!!! Tell her some fat hairy guy in a stained wife beater and too small boxers said that hehe. No, I am really a Mama....with flavor hehe :D

  5. Lazaro..I know nothing about you except that you cook. This is the first post since the beginning of my bloggin (8 months) that I have met someone who express the way they feel and has the "cojones" to be so explicit. I am very lucky because I know the people who are part of my blogging world and they have helped me through everything since the conception of Platanos, Mangoes and Me! Will you be at Foodcuzz in November. If you are, hope to meet you then. I will check out your suggestions and Congratulations on your award.

  6. I remember that scene from Closer and it's got to be one of the classic moments. I've met quite a few bloggers in real life and it's always a little disconcerting because you know so many things about them without getting to know them socially first like with real friends and you have to take a step back. But I'm so happy to have those connections with people I'd never normally come into contact with. Well done on the award; you really deserve it for all your great work. I'm so pleased to be able to follow this lovely blog.

  7. Hi Lazaro
    Firstly - Wishing your mum a great Happy Birthday.
    Secondly - You have bollocks man and I admire you a lot for that.
    Take care ♥

  8. Wow, I'm glad I came to visit you and check out your, always interesting, topic of the moment. I am honored to be mentioned by you as talented and supportive, I like my peeps too, but also to be mentioned along side LeQuan, one of my favorites as well, is just over the top made my day:) I love cooking and also supporting those, like you, who are so talented and I just love their stuff, can't hold myself back.
    I'm working on that GP because I want it to be special, unique and down to earth just like you, all the best, Patty

  9. I loved this post from start to finish. First of all, happy birthday to your mom! I agree, it's crazy to think that people you meet online could be something/someone else just never know, right? It's funny, I've talked with fellow bloggers on the phone too and for some reason we talk for hours...much longer than I talk on the phone to people who are actually, physically in my life...kindred spirits, I guess. Congrats on your well-deserved award! And I owe you a thank-you, as I think I met Alisha (who is in fact fabulous!) through you!

  10. You are so nice...I have met blogs in person on my travels and it is nice getting to know them. This blogsphere has opened up so many possibilities. How nice you call your mom. My son forgot one year, but he has done a great job remembering so far after that! Good son, and nice! I also love your honesty!

  11. Nice post Lázaro and I want to whish your Mom a lovely and happy Birthday! x gloria

  12. Happy Birthday to your Mami!!!
    I like your extremely honest approach to blogging and love that you speak your mind. It's something I think a lot of us struggle with. While I like to be real on my blog, to me there is also a fine line of trying not to reveal too much personal stuff. Your food is inspiring and when I comment, you can be sure that I'm truly in awe of your creation. A man, with "cojones"! I like that ;o)

  13. I don't think Iv'e seen that movie, but now I have to... I am so honored to be friends with you, on a more personal level. I completely agree that although I enjoy a great many people out there...there is really a pretty small group that I feel close to. And I have always loved your honesty and willingness to express yourself. But I will have to disagree at least in your case, never seen an ugly dish...
    And I love both of your choices to pass the award too :)

  14. Sorry, I got a phone call and got detracted...
    A wonderful Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    My Mom's is in a week, and she does not read my blog either, lol

  15. I just want to make sure I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom first, Lazaro. I'm in between running errands with the kiddies and just wanted to pop by and see what you're up to. I'm going to come back and comment later but wanted to make sure I wish your Mom a happy birthday. Chat later, my friend :-D

  16. LeQuan is incredible, isn't she? She does everything she does with her whole heart. She lives in Edmonton as I do, and I have had the pleasure to meet her personally. She was writing about shopping n China Town a lot, so I asked for a tour. She took me and we had an incredible day. Incredible. She is one reader who I can always count on to be so real. She reads, comments from her heart - and I look forward to hearing what she has to say, always. I try to reciprocate, but consistently worry that I cannot be as supportive to her as she is to me. Cyber relationships are real. The world has changed and it is truly wonderful to learn and grow from and with like minded people.

  17. Hi Laz - you're one of the most real people I know in this sometimes very unreal world. Thanks for being you. Please send my birthday wishes to your mother :)

    Btw - I don't speak Spanish but I agree with Norma you got some big, brassy cojones. Thank God, someone does!

  18. Dear Lazaro, I enjoy coming to you because your recipes are outrageously creative and make me want to EAT EVERYTHING ON THE SCREEN and I love to eat. Secondly, I love your honesty. Few men blog, and my husband is one of them. He too, articulates his passions well and I so appreciate you both! Thank you for always returning the visit to come to my frilly world of nonsense!!! We have this in common I found out: AN INSANE PASSION FOR PIZZA!!!

    Peace to YOU dear, Anita

  19. happy bday to your mom and congrats on your award!

  20. alright, errands have been done, dinner cooked, kids fed, showered, and put to bed. now i can finally sit down and take the time to chit chat with one of my favorite bloggers.

    Please wish your Mom a very happy birthday for me. i admire a woman who can bring up two boys as wonderful as she has. your true personality shines through your blog and that's what keeps me coming back. you're one of the most supportive bloggers out there and you're not afraid to speak your mind. this blog is so refreshing to read when you've visited food blog after food blog. i'm sorry, i don't know you well enough to know your whole family so that's why i said "two boys" because i remember you posting about your little brother and how proud you are of him and his accomplishments in life. if i remember correctly, at that time he had just joined the group of brave firemen who risk their own lives to save the life of a stranger. now how can i not admire a woman who has brought up two wonderful, brave, respectful young men as you two? So a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom, i know you make her extremely proud!

    secondly, congratulations on your award. i don't think i need to tell you how deserving you are of this.

    lastly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! you don't know how much this means to me that you singled me out, and along side Patty!!!??? holy moley, i'm speechless (ok, not literally, cause i'm rarely speechless hahaha). i love visiting her blog and it walways warms my heart to receive her sincere comments. after reading your blog, it really put a smile on my face the rest of the day. knowing someone as honest as you, thinks that much of me, is just WOW! i'm still in awe. thank you for having this lovely blog for me to escape to and get away from the hectic life of a mom. and lastly (i know i said that already. just know that even my hubby can't shut me up sometimes...teeheee), thank you for inspiring me to leave probably one of my longest comments yet. you are a true inspiration, Lazaro. don't ever change the way you are. as you always say, "till we exchange a few words again....PEACE!"

  21. PS
    isn't it your birthday in a couple hours? i remember reading on Ellen's site that it's on the 21st. so cool that you and your mom almost share the same bithday! HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY Lazaro! hope it's everything you hope it will be. on this day the world became a better place ;-). ok i promise, this is my last comment. lol.

  22. Thanks Lazaro, for sharing this lovely post! It's great meeting u & u've got another award coming up, but Alisha has beaten me to it. None the less, u deserve more awards than anyone else. Tho we've just "met", but I've taken in totally by your sincerity & your wonderful blog. I'll hop over to your friends' blogs now & oh, Happy belated bday to your mom!

  23. First of all, happy (belated) birthday to your Mom! Second, happy birthday to you! And of course, congrats on your award. I've enjoyed reading your blog for the recipes AND the honesty. Thanks also for singling out the awesome LeeQs! She's been a wonderful friend and one of my favorite bloggers! It's been a pleasure to know you both :)

  24. LeQuan has inspired me to post a second comment, Happy Birthday to your amazing MoM and to you:)
    Also, Congratulations to you and Alisha on this award, have a great day and GO GIANTS!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Lazaro! look great for 89. Kudos. Must be all that black cod.


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