Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Fun

Happy Easter Fun Saturday

You know collaboration is my absolute best-loved part of blogging.  Well, today is the ultimate collaboration.

The Lawyer and I.

The Lawyer approached me a few weeks ago with an idea for a joint post.  She would make some cute hard boiled egg bunnies.  I would provide some food to go with them.


Sadly, my wife's adorable bunny creations did not last long.  Because this guy...


...the baby of the house, decided to jump up on the table and topple over the plate holding the eggs.  They fell to their crushing demise.

Moms was not happy...for about a minute or more.

However, I would like to thank my lovely talented wife for a fun-filled morning.

That's it for now...until we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Your Davie and my Lucy could likely combine and rule the world, it seems! Very creative eggs...did he at least eat the eggs? Or did he run and hide in shame?

  2. Oh no! Those are the cutest bunnies nieces and nephews will be here in a few and I will have to show them this :)
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday weekend!

  3. The family that plays with food together... well they have a great time... lovely little bunnies and great pics. I hope you have a splendid Easter with lots of eggs and no cats using them as toys!!

  4. Brilliant!! The best time I have in the kitchen is when my husband joins me! Love the bunnies! Have a great Easter- looking forward to Asparagus mania next week!

  5. OMG! Love these little bunnies. Happy Easter & enjoy your holiday :)

  6. Look absolutely lovely Lazaro, Happy Easter! gloria

  7. Awesome Easter bunnies.So sad the cat put a kibosh on your fun..Happy Easter!

  8. Happy Easter Lazaro to you and the lawyer. Your bunnies are adorable.

  9. These are super cute, Laz! Love the collaboration between you and your wife!

  10. The bunnies were cute...but that kitten...que carita linda tiene.

    Hope you had a blessed Easter.

  11. HAHAHA this is so cute and sweet! Davie, you're a bad boy! (go to your crate for a time out! :D)
    The lawyer did a great job. The eggs are so adorable and your food compliments so well. I really the creamy scramble egg(?) on a toast that you made like a nest for the bunny.

  12. oh this is entirely tooooo cute! yay for you and the mrs. for collaborating on something so stunning! I love it. Hope you had a great Easter! :)

  13. How adorable, love the bunnies!!! You seemed to have a very fun Easter :).


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