Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fried Heirloom Tomato Burger

I am back from the Windy City.  Chicago was a fun time spent eating awesome food with some equally awesome friends.

If you find yourself in Chicago, one of the best eating cities in this country, check out these eats...

1. Hot Doug's One of the best sausage emporiums anywhere.  90 minute wait is well worth it.

2. Giordanos  Chicago style deep dish pizza on steroids.  The STUFFED PIZZA.  It is BYOZ. Bring your own Zantac!

3. David Burke's Primehouse  Located in the chic and contemporary, James Hotel, this isn't your grandpa's steak house.  This is the tasty modern place for a great steak and fill your own doughnuts.

Oh and catch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.  Rain or shine a super cool experience.

Onto the food....

Don't let the title fool you, no veggie burger here.  This concept was born out my trip to the farmer's market yesterday.  There I found some of the plumpest, best looking heirloom tomatoes.

Since I was already making burgers, I thought it would be interesting to contrast the meaty burger with a meaty crunchy slice of fried tomato.  I was right!

Egg Roll & Melted Smoked Gouda

1/2 lb Beef Burger

Fried Heirloom Tomato

Creamy & Cool Lazoli - recipe to follow, Chopped Chives

Fried Heirloom Tomato Burger

For the fried heirloom tomato:
3 large eggs
1 cup whole milk
Organic rice flour
smoked paprika
piment d'espelette
black pepper
onion powder
heirloom tomato - cut into 1/4 inch slices

1/2 cup peanut oil
4 tbs unsalted butter

In a bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk.

In a separate bowl, combine the rice four and salt, smoked paprika, piment d'espelette, black pepper and onion powder.  Mix well.

Coat the tomato in the flour mix.  Then the egg wash.  Back to the flour.  Shake off the excess.  You want a nice even coating on the tomato.

In a deep heavy bottom pan, heat the peanut oil over medium heat.  Add the butter.  Once the butter melts and foams, you are ready to go.  Add the tomatoes, DO NOT CROWD THE PAN.  Do it in bunches if you must.  Fry on one side for 3 minutes until golden brown.  Carefully flip.  Fry the second side for 3 minutes.  Remove to a wire rack set over a plate lined with paper towels to drain.

For the Lazoli:
1 large egg yolk
2 garlic cloves - smashed and minced into a paste
1/2 lemon - zest & juice
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 cup avocado oil
1 tbs creme fraiche
1 generous pinch of brown sugar
13 drops jalapeño tobasco sauce

In a glass bowl, Whisk the egg yolk, garlic, lemon zest, juice, and salt.  While whisking, begin to add the avocado oil in a slow and steady stream.  Continue whisking and adding oil until a rich emulsion is achieved.  Add the brown sugar and jalapeño sauce.  Fold in the creme fraiche.  Fridge for 2 hours to allow the flavors to marry.  Sauce will keep covered in the fridge for 7 days.

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. This is my kind of that sauce you created! Pinning this one for my burger-loving husband!!

  2. Love that you fried the tomato! Sometimes I find the tomato too watery and slippery to eat, constantly falling out of the burger. I think your way of preparing it would definitely sole both problems. You're a genius. Also, since my little girl doesn't like hamburger, this would be a great substitution since she loves tomatoes. A fantastic burger indeed, Lazaro.

  3. Brilliant idea to put a fried tomato with the burger... crispy tomatoey,meaty and then that mayo... that is going right into my files.
    Glad you like Chicago.... it has changed enormously since I moved to NYC... second city no more!

  4. Oh Yeahhh....., now your talkin' - fried tomato AND Lazoli, awesome! You've just sold me on Chicago too., I've been reading up on it - I think you've just tipped the scales & another city has 'hit my list' of must visit :) Have a great week Lazz :)

  5. OMG, that's a brilliant idea to add the fried tomato. I did not mean to parrot LostPastRemebered, I typed that and then looked up.
    But its true, you now have it from two independent sources.

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  7. wao!
    It looks so good and delicious.

  8. Avocado oil? sounds interesting! I missed Chicago! I didnt go to those places you mentioned :D. Hey, why did you go to Giordanos over Lou Malnatis'!? We don't have many farmers markets around here and i really need to stop by one of these days to find fresh ingredient!

  9. I'll agree with Tanantha on Lou's being better than Giordano's. I mean Giordano's is good, but we have some GREAT pizza places here in Chicago. Good choice to go to Hot Doug's though - it's completely worth the wait!

  10. it! Glad you had a great time in Chicago, I have only been through but never really experienced the city. Amazing looking burger as well and love the sound of the fried tomato :)

  11. I'm glad to hear you had a fun trip! It's funny that you say there's no veggie burger here because that's exactly what I thought after reading the title, lol. :) I love a good beef burger though, and this one looks incredible with the crunch from the fried tomato!

  12. I'm so glad you had a great time in Chicago, Laz, one of my very fave cities, esp. for food! I could never eat more than one piece of Giordanos and over time ended up preferring more simple pizzas with thin crust but....that spinach pizza they do is almost like a souffle! Delightful! LOVE your burger, cracking up about the flowers (you just can't help yourself, can you?) love 'em! Glad you had a real Chitown experience, nothing beats a Midwestern summer!

  13. Ok, your post DROVE me to take a peek at the Giordanos website and I am tempted to order one of their pizzas for the weekend. Thanks, Laz, thanks a lot! haha!

  14. I'd love to find myself in Chicago eating a huge piece of pizza. I can't wait for the first of our heirlooms. I will stuff myself silly with them. I've never had them fried, I like it though.

  15. Glad you had a great time in Chicago, Lazaro! Peter and I went there for the first time for a wedding a few weeks ago and it was fun. Peter and the other groomsmen went to Giordanos and Peter brought me back a slice - mmm.

    Nice twist with the fried tomato. You're 100% not to crowd the fan when frying - I've done that more than once to terrible results. Fourth time a charm? :D

  16. Glad you had a good time in Chicago. Burger looks wonderful.



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