Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Star Makeover Round Up: Farmers Market

This month's makeover theme was finding inspiration at the Farmer's Market.  Supporting the local, organic, sustainable and seasonal is the cornerstone of my cuisine.

I would like to thank my friend Natasha for her tireless work on our group collaboration.  I would also like to thank our group of talented cooks.  Your thoughtfulness and creativity with finding inspiration in fresh food at the farmers market shows remarkable range and talent.

Please click on over to the fantastic blog, 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures to see all of the farmers market creations.

My facebook friends know that I recently submitted my work to Kitchen Artistry.  If you would like  to check out my personal gallery on KA, just click on the icon to the right of this page.

I am very happy to have found this site.  The look and feel of the site is sleek and modern.  Plus it is user friendly for submitting photos.  If you want a new site to submit your photos, without having to deal with snobbish pricks, check them out.

Many of my friends have already submitted to KA.  If you do submit and are accepted, let me know, I will spotlight you on Lazaro Cooks Facebook Page.

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. LOVE the new banner photo, me likey the big food porn photos! Congrats on being accepted, you do make beautiful food! Every once in a while I pull off a good looking dish too....haha!

    Great entry for the Farmer's Market, I loves me some sweet corn. All the entries from this group always amaze me.

  2. I caught up on the challenge posts that I had not seen yet...they were all great! Looking forward to the next challenge :) Ans as for KA, you know I love them :)

  3. Thanks for visiting the hopeful kitchen. It's great to be introduced to your site, too -- inspiring!

  4. I think I can guess who the snobby pricks are. :)
    Great site and super photos, Lazaro.

  5. What a great site. Thanks so much for recommending it. They even accepted a photo I've put up, woohoo. Real confidence boost :-)
    I LOVE your site, your recipes - you rock!

  6. Already checked out the wonderful dishes of this time's round up. Another two thumbs up to all your participants.

    Have fun with Kitchen Artistry, Laz! I'd join you if I weren't such a lazy ass these days and had the talent you have in the kitchen. Haha. Keep on rockin' the food stage, mohawk dude!

  7. I guess it's time for me to remove some watermarks. Or at least save the hardcopy that doesn"t have the it on there.... they loved my photos but it was in the way. Going to check out the site now....


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