Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Star Makeover: Tailgate Party

This month with football season in full swing we decided to host a Gourmet Tailgate Party for our October Makeover.

Please check out these fantastic creative party food ideas.  I am sure you will find some inspiration for your next dinner party.


Cheddar Cheese Ball Appetizer

by Faith, An Edible Mosaic

Cardone Dip

by Natasha, 5 Star Foodie

Gougères Filled with Whipped Butternut Squash, Dill, & Gruyère Cream

by Trix, Tasty Trix

Pumpkin, Brie and Bacon Pasta Bake

by Kelly, The Pink Apron

Lobster Sauce Crab Poutine with Oka Cheese

by Evelyne, Cheap Ethnic Eatz

Thai Style Salmon Fritters with Siracha Sour Cream

by Tanantha, I Just Love My Apron

Beer-Braised Sausage

by Marisa, Cook's Book

Bolognese Sliders, the Five Star Sloppy Joe Makeover

by Angela, Spinach Tiger

Hazelnut Biscuits with Deviled Ham and The 21 Club’s Pomegranate Cider

by Deana, LostPastRemembered

Scallion Beef with Sushi Rice and White Miso, Hot Chile Oil for Dipping

by Lori Lynn, Taste With the Eyes

Smoked Chicken Wings with Caramelized Pork Belly & Blue Cheese

by Lazaro, Lazaro Cooks!

Wonton Cups with Bacon Jam, Shrimp, and Guacamole

by Debi, Table Talk

A New Grilled Cheese: Cremini-Filled Cheese Brioche

by Jessica, Bacon and Soufflé

Maya, Foodiva's Kitchen


  1. Such delicious posts, every single one! Am so sorry I couldn't make this month's deadline. Well done everyone!

  2. All of these are awesome. Bravo to our group!

  3. Another beautiful round-up! I will definitely refer back to this post once holiday party season rolls around and I'm in need of some new recipes to serve!

  4. Aww...I got confused about the deadline, thought it was tomorrow! The array of dishes in this round-up looks incredible, though. I think I could start a tailgating culture over here where I live. Love everyone's creativity this month!

  5. We would make one heavenly tailgate party, with no one focusing on the game! Hahaha love the makeover. Looking forward to next month's!

  6. I really enjoy the 5 Star posts. Greta round up and your chicken wings scored a touch down on my book. Maybe one of these days I will be able to join you guys.

    Going to visit the rest of the gang.

  7. Great round up for a challenging theme for most of us lol. Was a lot of fun

  8. Oh my - this would get me tailgating. There isn't one I would pass up!

  9. This one is just too much fun... hard to choose a favorite (although those duck fat wings have been calling my name since I saw it... but honestly... they're all brilliant!!!

  10. Yay! I love these makeovers. This one is stellar. I want all of them!

  11. All these dishes look incredible! What a round up of intense meals, yum! These photos are absolutely stunning, love them all. Especially those hazelnut biscuits! =]

  12. I could devour this entire post lol. Great job everyone :)

  13. Loving the round up, as always. I really enjoy how everyone takes the same challenge in such different directions.

  14. Everyone did such a fabulous job for being so uneasy with the tailgating theme! Even if you don't like sports, a party is all about the food!

  15. They all look amazing...sorry to have missed out this month, but looking forward to taking a closer look at everybody's contributions :)

  16. Where did you get all of these foods? Are they your recipes? Fantastic.


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