Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Post Spotlight: Carrot Pumpkin; Sauce or Soup

This week I am proud to turn over the LC floor to Priscilla from She's Cookin'.  Priscilla is a member of our 5 Star Makeover Cooking Group.  Hailing from Huntington Beach, she combines the fabulous produce of Southern California with her bold cooking style to produce a magnificent cooking blog.

A perfect example is the dish she prepared for last months, Cooking with Wine, makeover.  

She's Cookin' is a professional food blog with exceptional writing, recipes and photos.  In addition, Priscilla is a nice person and a supportive blogger.  Please stop by and make a new friend.


Carrot Pumpkin; Sauce or Soup

Of course I'm honored, pleased, and excited that Lazaro asked me to do a guest post for you here on Lazaro Cooks. As faithful readers we're inspired every time we visit our favorite irreverent Kitchen Hack's site, so even though  my "deadline" was the eve of my departure on a three-week trip and I knew I would be in frantic mode, I wasn't about to turn down his offer.

At least I did the smart thing and stuck to what I do best (in my more organized corporate days I would have prepared far in advance, but that was then and this is now). Anyway, what I do on a daily basis, usually with less than an hour to spare, is create interesting, flavorful dishes for the man in my life.

Granted, not an unusual undertaking, except that said meal must be heart-healthy and contain virtually no sodium - even low sodium broth and, most certainly, low-sodium soy sauce (misleading  nomenclature for someone on a restricted sodium diet) are off-limits.  More than ever, I rely  on spices, herbs, citrus, infused vinegars, dried fruits, fresh fruit juices, peppers, and chiles.

To me less is always more and my mantra of simple = sensational is achieved when the rich autumnal flavor of pumpkin is brightened with citrus and zingy ginger and creamy coconut milk hint of the tropics. This lovely dish is versatile, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-fee, dairy-free, heart-healthy, and low-sodium. Enjoy and "peace out" as Lazaro says!

Carrot Pumpkin Dipping Sauce
Pure essence of carrot and pumpkin with luscious coconut and bright notes of citrus and ginger creates a deliciously light, nutritious dipping sauce for crudites, bread sticks, or pita chips. Add more coconut milk for a creamy, silken soup with a tropical flair.
2 tablespoons grapeseed or coconut oil
1/3 cup chopped shallots
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 red cherry pepper*
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 teaspoon meyer lemon zest
1 cup organic pumpkin
3 large carrots, small chop
2 stalks chopped celery
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 cup dry white wine
1 -2 cups coconut milk*
Salt and pepper to taste
In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat. Sauté carrots for 5 minutes. Add shallots and celery, cook for 5 more minutes. Add garlic, red cherry pepper, ginger and lemon zest. Cook another minute or so to meld the flavors. Add the wine, stir to blend and simmer until liquid is reduced in half - about 10 minutes.
Remove from heat. Allow to cool. Using an immersion blender, puree the mixture. Or puree the vegetable mixture in a regular blender or food processor. Add more wine (I added about 1/4 cup) to get the consistency you desire.
Return mixture to pot and add the pumpkin. Bring to a simmer and cover, stirring occasionally for about 15 minutes. Stir in coconut milk and heat sauce through. Adjust seasonings as needed.
*For soup, increase the amount of coconut milk to 2 cups.
Vegetarian, gluten free, dairy-free, heart-healthy, low sodium.

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That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Love this recipe. I once did a pumpkin carrot curry soup. I see wine here and coconut milk. It just has to be delicious.

  2. Pumpkin it regularly.Like the idea of serving in a glas with celery stick:))

  3. So pretty - and very nice to see something with pumpkin that is not a muffin or a pie!!

  4. The pictures are so pretty Priscilla! I like the vibrant color and it's pumpkin -just in time for Fall and Halloween! This dish has high beta carotene and it's good for your health.

  5. Well, if it tastes as good as it looks it will be divine! Love the presentation and photos... and I've never tried a pumpkin soup before! Great idea.

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos and the recipe looks delicious. Perfect choice for Fall.

  7. Wow I'm surprised to see there are a lot of hidden ingredients besides pumpkin and carrot. Ginger, lemon zest, white wine, and coconut milk! WOW! This must be really delicious!!!!

  8. I've had carrot soup and I've had pumpkin soup, but have never had the two combined. Sounds delicious, especially with coconut milk too. Your photos are beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing your recipe, Priscilla.

    Thank you again, Laz.

  9. As I said on your blog, I love pumpkin soup but always make the same beloved recipe over and over again. I love the exotic flavors in yours, a bright change, and am inspired to change my ways and try yours. Gorgeous!

  10. Great guest post, thanks Laz!

    Priscilla, what a delicious soup! I love how you included coconut milk in's one of my favorite pairings with pumpkin!

  11. Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend - thanks again for spotlighting me here on Lazaro Cooks!

  12. This looks like a delicious soup ... so cool that it can also be a dipping sauce!!

  13. Delicious look and yummy recipes. excellent this post

  14. After reading the entire recipe I'm even more intrigued to try it out! Thanks for sharing Priscilla!

  15. So versatile...soup...dipping sauce. I would use it for my cruite platter and the soup for a cold winter eve.

  16. Hey Priscilla, you already know that I loved this since I got to be a taste tester :) Really it is such a warm and beautiful fall soup, with a lovely balance of flavors!
    Hi Laz, so sorry I am so late but so happy to see Priscilla. She is a truly wonderful and talented person, not to mention a great friend.


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