Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post Spotlight: Health Benefits from Organic Eating

Keeping the health theme going on LC, I am happy to introduce Jackie from Jackie's Arc.  Jackie does a fantastic job getting the word out on good nutrition and healthy living.

Please check out the well-written, researched and informative Jackie's Arc.


Health Benefits from Organic Eating
By: Jackie Clark

We all remember being advised to eat our fruits and vegetables, but throughout the past years some of the very things that were to provide us nourishment have become a part of the problem rather than the solution. How then do we go about not merely eating healthily, but finding healthy food? A trip to the local farmer’s market or the organic section of the grocery store is a start. Eating organic food can greatly improve the health and quality of life of anyone, and in some cases provide a little healing for those who suffer from chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases or cancers like mesothelioma.

The healing power of food has long been established, from providing basic metabolic fuel, to the anti-inflammatory properties found in many fruits and vegetables. Eating well can contribute to your general well being. Eating organically specifically can help to nurture and nourish your body while perhaps even treating what ails you.

It is important to eat organically grown food not simply for its nutritive and healing properties, but because the fruits and vegetables are grown without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which can certainly be a detriment to your body. In addition, organic meat and dairy are not treated with hormones that can be harmful to you. It is also now common to find foods that have been genetically modified--genetic manipulation involves splicing the gene of one plant or animal with another. It has been suggested that these genetically modified foods are capable of causing changes to your body or general health in the form of an allergic reaction or perhaps even hormonal fluctuations.

Eating organically is healthier, non-toxic and sustainable, for both people and the environment in which they live. The Centers for Disease Control even provides a link to help you find organic resources.

Now that you have a better idea of why eating organically is the smarter option, it is time to enjoy a meal like the following dish: Spinach Salad with Chicken and Avocado... Enjoy your meal, and enjoy your health. 

You will need: A few cups of raw spinach, five miniature limes, one avocado, one tomato, one chicken breast, onion, salt, pepper and feta cheese.

Mash and mix the avocado with spinach leaves. Add the tomato. Slice the limes and squeeze the juice on to the spinach leaves and avocado. Saute the chicken breast and onion and add it to the salad upon completion. Add salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with feta cheese and enjoy a very simple, very tasty, completely organic meal that is perfect for lunch or dinner.


  1. Hi Jackie, nice to meet you. Great article on the values of eating organically :) And as for the salad...all things avocado make me smile :).
    Hi Laz, thank you for the introduction...

  2. The benefits of eating organic foods can't be said enough. Thanks for continuing to educate people about why it's important. Lovely salad, and thanks, Laz for the introduction :)

  3. I am now trying to grown organic vegetables on my little garden, I already have tomatoes okra and moringa. Thank you for this article.

  4. Great post jackie and will be stopping by your blog.

  5. Great guest post! Laz, thanks for introducing us to Jackie!

    And Jackie, that meal is no doubt as delicious as it is healthy and gorgeous -- yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!


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