Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello 2012

I am back.  Gotta say the time off did me right.  No matter how much you enjoy doing something, it is good step away for awhile.

Thank you to all the fantastic cooks who generously shared their talent with LC these last few weeks.  2012 will bring more Guest Post Spotlights.  Collaborating with creative passionate cooks is my favorite part of blogging.

I will be changing up LC a bit.

I find posting recipes to be ponderous. Especially my cuisine ends up having multiple components on almost all my dishes.  Makes the posts pretty damn long.  Anyway we know that most people only like to look at the pretty pictures.

Honestly, how many of us out there actually cook other food bloggers recipes we read on posts?!

As food bloggers, we cook our own dishes, labor over writing our posts and then take about 1000 photos.  All the while agonizing over which is the perfect one to post.  Not to mention every one's favorite past time...THE COMMENT GAME.

What I would much rather do on LC is talk about the process of cooking.  What goes into what we do.  All the different cooking techniques used, the philosophy of dish creation, and choosing of specific ingredients.

To me that is much more interesting.  Ultimately, recipes are guidelines, not laws or contracts.  Cooking is a joy, not a chore.  It should be a journey of exploration.  Make dishes your own.  Play, experiment, fuck up, frustrate yourself, learn something.

Some posts may have recipes, if it's something different or pertinent to a particular course...or not too long.

Many probably will disagree.  Some will say they do cook other peoples food and love to see recipes on blogs.  That's fine, in life there are no absolutes.  But this particular space is called Lazaro Cooks.

I encourage anyone interested in my complete recipes to contact me.  Talking food is my passion.  I respond to one and all.
I know my long time readers will say that I hate Twitter.  Which I do.  However, I am trying to make an effort to be active on there.

2011 was a pile of shit.  Lets make 2012 fuckin' rock!

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Greetings & Salutations, Laz! Reading this post, I couldn't help but think, "So, I'm not the only one." Cooking is a joy...but sometimes blogging can be somewhat tedious. I'm looking forward to the new LC!


  2. Happy New Year Laz!
    I do not typically cook other peoples recipes from their blogs, nor do I usually adapt recipes. I do however get inspiration from many people.
    I think the changes you plan to make will be fantastic! Your knowledge and skill make this a perfect choice for the "New LC" :)

  3. Feliz Ano Nuevo Laz. I can't wait for the new LC and follow you as always.

    2011 was a F'n disaster and I think sacudi todo lo malo del 2011 and hoping for a wonderful 2012.

  4. I make some things but get inspired to do riffs on many things I see. And I love the over the backyard fence feeling of blogs... there's a good spirit and I like that. It peps me up sometimes. Can't wait to see what you do... I've been checking to see if I was missing a link when I didn't see changes on your blog... now I know>

  5. Happy New Year, and very well said! I think you appropriately captured in words how we all feel. I can't wait to enjoy the philosophical and scientific sides of your cooking. It's going to be a great 2012!

  6. Happy New Year! I totally embrace your new direction. I've always said my "recipes" are more suggestions of food pairings because I don't like telling people quantities -- how do I know someone's palate or how many they're cooking for? And I love reading about how an idea came to fruition and why.

  7. Lets bring 2012 in with a fresh start... I agree. Back to basics.. Understanding the basics make the complicated things seem doable. Finding the chemistry and the magic in cooking is such an amazing and wonderful thing.. Good luck. I look forward to reading in 2012

  8. Laz, you rock. Can't stop giggling since you say what I want to say here. I do, however, make many recipes that particularly inspire - as do the pretty pictures! Like you, I'm needing to take stock of what's in the blogging pot. Cheers to a great 2012 and looking forward to your inspiring posts, Laz.

  9. hi lazaro, happy new year it's been a while since I step on your blog I love the part you said about "Cooking is a joy, not a chore" yes, even I am not a great cook but whenever i cook for my family and they tell me how awesome is my food even I am tired I feel refresh again.

  10. Loved this post, Laz. As usual, you are right on the money. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your philosophy of dish creation this year, but I might still bug you for your recipe for Cuban Espresso Ketchup. ;)

  11. I agree with you Laz, and that is why I came up with Taste With The Eyes! I do post recipes, but more often than not, they are imprecise. Meant to be an inspiration to the cook, rather that a roadmap. There are some dishes though, that need more detailed explanation or precise ingredients, but those a few and far between. I know it doesn't work for every reader, as I get emails asking for THE recipe. If I can, I'm happy to email back with more details. I hope my photographs help take the place of a recipe.

    Good luck with your new angle. 2012 will be great..looking forward to meatballs!!


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