Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deconstructed Ravioli with Mahi Balls, Melon Relish, Crispy Prosciutto, and Mint Cream

The more it changes, the more it stays the same.  Balance has been restored to the Force!

Having my dear friend Natasha from 5 Star Foodie back on LC makes me happy.

Natasha, my co-host for our 5 Star Makeover Crew, is one of the best cooks on the net.  She's a creative, fearless and inventive cook.  Her flavor profiles and course presentations never cease to inspire.  Natasha also has a lovely little daughter, 5 Star Foodie Jr, who's a future star in the food world.

A few weeks ago Natasha and I were talking about our love for the sea creature called Mahi Mahi.  From those chats our long overdue next collaboration took shape.

Stop by 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures for my Mahi Mahi dish.

Sit back and enjoy the culinary acumen to rise up another level for at least one day on LC.  Don't get used to it.

It has been quite a while since I have been on LC and it is a pleasure to be here again! My friendship with Lazaro has been the best part of blogging for me. Our collaboration posts are always so much fun and inspire me to really focus on what's important for us, food bloggers, and that is to create. I was very excited to work with today's featured ingredient, Mahi Mahi, a delicious fish common in Pacific waters with a Hawaiian name that means "very strong".

The very first time I actually tried Mahi Mahi was in an Italian restaurant, and although I don't remember the way it was prepared then, I decided on making my Mahi dish in the Italian style. I made an open-faced ravioli, circles of handmade delicate egg pasta prepared with the special "00" flour.

The ravioli circles were topped with a melon relish, composed of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, fresh red bell pepper, and green onions. The relish was a very refreshing component bringing a little bit of sweetness and a lot of bright flavors to the dish.

The star part of the dish was the mini Mahi balls, the size the ravioli filling would have been, placed in the center of the melon relish. To make the Mahi balls, I first sauteed the onions and garlic, then put those along with Mahi filets through the grinder. The ground Mahi Mahi mixture was then combined with egg, breadcrumbs, and seasoned with salt and Grains of Paradise. The Mahi balls were tender and had a wonderfully fragrant natural salty flavor.

The crispy fried prosciutto crumbles added a very nice crunchy texture to the dish and went just perfectly with both the melon relish and Mahi balls.

A final finishing touch for the dish was a creamy mint sauce.

This was a very successful dish, with all of the components coming together beautifully.


  1. That looks delicious! Love the idea and creativity behind this one... and that creamy mint sauce sounds really good! Heading over to visit you now at 5 star foodie! :) Great guest post!

  2. These are adorable and sound delicious! Love the little stars!

  3. What a greta way to have ravioli. So fresh :) I love the decorated rav

  4. Hi Laz,
    This looks awesome! Love the little stars and would love to just bite into it now.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely compliments. So happy to follow you. You have a beautiful blog.

  5. This dish sounds wonderful. Similar to a fish patty with fresh fruit salsa. Love the little star detail on your pasta. Very pretty and creative!

  6. Oh these look so good!

    What could I substitute for Mahi Mahi?
    I want the taste similar.
    I'm in Canada, so pacific fish is hard come by.

    Beautiful presentation.


  7. My, my - or Mahi-Mahi, Natasha. Love seeing Laz and you coming up with fabulous dishes from your common ingredient and with your own signatures. Every little detail not only looks great but the fresh flavours in there sound explosive. Procuitto-fish and the melon-onion-mint. Wow!

  8. Hi Natasha - this dish is positively delightful! Love your plating style.

  9. Looks amazing and sounds even better. It reminds me a bit of a tostada, but spectacular with all the fresh complimentary ingredients that just reinforce the flavors of the other components

  10. So lovely and creative Natasha! Beautiful flavors and perfect balance...what a treat :)

  11. Very creative, fun, and the flavors are delicious! Bravo for an inspired dish!


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