Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Le Morel: Morel Ice Cream Sandwich

Welcome to Le Morel

An exquisite dining expereince showcasing the luxurious Morel Mushrooms.  This is quite the posh...i.e expensive item to work with.  However prized the world over by chefs.
As the pastry cook of our fine establishment, I was tasked with making a Morel dessert for you to enjoy.  I thought this would be perfect for our current hot, more like scorching Miami weather.

Morel Mushroom Ice Cream?  What?!  Yeah, exactly what I said.

Ice Cream Base

  • Whole Milk 
  • Morel Mushrooms
  • Smoked Bacon
  • Skim Milk Powder
  • Egg Yolks
  • Cane Sugar
There are a few keys in my mind to really making this work...
  • Clean and scrub the fresh morel mushrooms well.
  • Roast the morel mushrooms in the oven to intensify flavor.
  • Render most of the fat from the bacon.
  • Keep the bacon to a minimum.  It should be an accent, not an overpowering force.
  • Allow the mushroom and bacon to infuse the milk for at least 24 hours.
This ice cream was made with solid carbon dioxide or Dry Ice.  Dry Ice is colder, (-194 F) than any domestic ice maker can dream of getting.  It is safe to eat.  I use it all the time when making ice cream, sorbet, granitas, etc.  There are some things to keep in mind when working with dry ice.
  • Do not allow it to touch your skin, it will burn.
  • Has a very short shelf life.
  • Use it pretty soon after purchase.
  • Keep in a foam cooler.
  • It will eventually evaporate.
  • Break into very small pellets before service.  Big chunks of dry ice in the ice cream will burn the mouth.
Prepare your Dry Ice concoction at the table.  It's always great theater for your guests.

Chocolate Chili Cookies

This cookie dough was made with 2 different chocolates...
  • Semi-sweet
  • Chocolate chili
Lindt  makes a fabulous dark chocolate infused with premium chilies.  In my opinion it gave this unusual dessert another surprise layer of flavor.

Finish the course with candied almonds and a rich chocolate sauce.  I wanted to carry through this dessert a few notes of...
  • Sweet
  • Savory
  • Nuttiness
According to our diners...mission accomplished.

Morel Mushroom Ice Cream Sandwich

Morel Mushroom Ice Cream, Chocolate Chili Cookies, & Candied Almonds

Please do drop by and check out the rest of my team...
I cannot thank them enough for their hard work, classiness, sense of responsibility and overall easy to work with.

Two of the best food bloggers around.

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Fabulous ... you really pulled it off! Love the blend of heat and sweet. I could 'almost' taste it.

    It was a pleasure working with you, mi capitan!

  2. Wow, would never ever thought I would see such an ice cream, and I so want to try it. Amazing job Laz and thank you so much for organizing this Event with Nat.

  3. Meowww! That's an amazing creation, Laz! I LOVE ice cream sandwiched in cookies and yours just takes the well, cookie :). Brilliant execution of your theme...I came here for dessert first, and now I'm off to check the other two courses!

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  5. Wow! Definitely a fantastic ending to the meal. You'd done the morel proud :)

  6. This is one unique and spectacular ice cream sandwich! Very neat ice cream with morels and smoked bacon, just perfect with those cookies! Love it!

  7. I never would have bought woodsy mushrooms and ice cream should marry but piney rosemary tastes delicious in desserts so why not! This recipe proves it can be done well.

  8. This looks so delicious and love the name!

  9. You guys came up with a fantastic menu, Laz. You and I had the fun of creating dessert out of non-dessert ingredients, lol. I'd defintely say you nailed it. Wish we could swap tastes of our desserts! :)

  10. I love that your restaurant was founded in the 1700s. Excellent. This is very (old school) Iron Chef of you! They would always turn savory things into ice creams ... but you've taken it a step further with those cookies and that sauce. I knew you would pull off something spectacular!

  11. Laz, Now this is definitely a unique dessert with morels. The moral of the story is that when you put a talented savory chef in the dessert realm, he pulls off an absolute jaw-dropping stunner. Whooping with delight with mix of chili chocolate & bacon too. I can see a macaron in the looming too.

  12. Umm- Holy Crap! Dude, I have no time to do wild cooking anymore and yet I feel like this is something I'm going to HAVE to make time to do. HOLY CRAP that sounds amazing! Once again your creativity and levity is a delight to read!

  13. Laz this is an incredible and unique dessert. As usual you out did yourself.

  14. This weekend, one of the guests was supposed to bring ramps for a dinner ingredient. He called to say his crop was gone. We were terribly sad until he brought freshly picked Morels... wow. Best pasta on a planet. WHo needs ramps when you can have giant morels.

    Now ice cream... I think that's not such a bad idea... love the bacon addition for uber-umami. You guys came up with a great menu... bravo.

  15. Wow! What a fantastic dessert---bet it was delicious! I could go for a sample right now and some of your warm weather too! It's 50 and raining here!

  16. now that is one creative and fabulous ice cream sandwich - i would love to try that!

  17. Wow, dry ice? That's different. I remember my parents using it at parties and haven't seen it since. I'm impressed, not only with the ice cream, but using morels in dessert. Looks faboulous.

  18. Wow! Morel ice cream sandwich? That's incredible, love this creation, very intriguing. Had so much fun with the challenge, everyone's recipes have once again left me in awe. Have a great weekend Laz! =]

  19. The Restaurant Wars idea ROCKED. Of course it was so much fun creating the menu, and the serendipity of really getting to know our teammates made it an extraordinary event. Kudos to you and Natasha.

    Now this dessert is off the charts. There will be a famous chef, one day, that will serve a version of your dish. Morel. Ice. Cream. You get all the credit. Fabulously inventive!

  20. oh my, love this. kudos, i had no idea how you'd get the morel in there, but I'd happily try this!! fantastic :)

  21. A masterpiece of a dessert! Brilliant work my friend...just brilliant!

  22. you add bacon in your ice cream? clever!

  23. Where are the measurements for the morel mushroom ice cream?


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