Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Star Makeover October 12: Anjou Pear and Ponzu Shrimp Ceviche with Cold Spaghetti Squash "Noodles"

This month our task was to create with Squash.  Certainly the right time of the year.  I chose to work with Spaghetti Squash.

For those who think ceviche this time a year is strange...I LIVE IN MIAMI. 

It's always hot here.

Anjou Pear and Ponzu Shrimp Ceviche with Cold Spaghetti Squash "Noodles"

Spaghetti Squash
  • Preheat oven to 375 F.
  • Cut squash in half
  • Scoop out seeds and scraggly bits.
  • Roast in oven, cut side down, for 1 hour.
  • Allow to cool enough to handle
  • Using a fork, scrape down the flesh of the squash
  • It will come off like strands of spaghetti
Lightly Season
  • Rice wine vinegar
  • Grated ginger 
  • Pinch of Chinese five spice
Cover and fridge to cool.

Anjou Pear & Ponzu Shrimp Ceviche
  • 1 lb shrimp peeled & deveined
  • 1 cup ponzu sauce
  • 1/4 cup pear nectar
  • Anjou pear - diced
  • Jalapeno - minced
  • Red grapes - sliced
  • Chives
  1. Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap
  4. Allow "cook" in the fridge for 35 minutes.
That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. Laz this is lovely. I can eat ceviche in the winter here in NY...I will make this for my husband which I just showed him the recipe and gave me the I need it..LOL

  2. Isn't ceviche a year round thing, is too me even with snow :-) Lovely ceviche and nice use of the spaghetti squash.

  3. Anytime works for me. It looks great and I wish I lived in Miami, esp. during the winter! Now I need to get some squash. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. There are a lot of good flavors hiding in that little dish.

  5. This is really beautiful, Laz. Love that you used pear in there too, another wonderful fall ingredient. Ceviche sounds perfect. :)

  6. bleckstein@monmouth.comOctober 24, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    Wow and double wow. I'm in love with this idea - thanks for posting, it just went on this weekend's menu. There is no season to ceviche.

  7. Elegant! I'm glad you seasoned the spaghetti squash (and did it very well) because it doesn't have much taste on its own. Very nice job Laz.

  8. Such a delicate and light creation here, beautiful presentation too. I like the pear and grapes here.

  9. It's summer here so it would work brilliantly this weekend!

  10. This is when I want to move to warmer climes, Laz! I adore spaghetti squash and even more what you've done with it here. Can imagine these flavours. Wonderful touch with pear and ponzu... et al. At least we're in pear and grape season in Paris so I'm definitely not complaining!

  11. I agree with everyone's comments, ceviche is always good any time of year. When I see your food combos, I try to imagine the taste as well as the mouth feel. Wondering about the squash and pear combo....guess you'll just have to have me over to try it, huh?! : )

  12. love this, especially the pear in the ceviche :) and you're making me really look forward to feb when i am heading to the keys for a friend's wedding!

  13. I'll take ceviche anytime - even if it's going to be in the 40s here in a few days. Love the combination of pear and shrimp with ponzu sauce (another favorite of mine). And spaghetti squash is always a nice touch, especially as it's lighter than a lot of other squash and so goes well with the pear and shrimp. Great job as always, Laz!

  14. Fantastic combination of flavors in your Asian inspired ceviche, and I love that you tied fall in Miami into the challenge----so appropriate.

  15. This looks delightful. Quite simply it is delicious art.


  16. So pretty! What a lovely flavor combination and presentation.

  17. I feel refreshed just looking at the picture. SUch bright beautiful flavors. One of the reason I've rarely liked spaghetti squash dishes is that they have gloppy sauces and are heaven. I think this is how it was meant to be eaten. Delish!

  18. Love that this dish is cold. It sounds perfectly refreshing. The lone chive makes the photo. Brilliant!
    "scraggly bits" ha!

  19. I made this for a weekend BBQ this past Saturday, using up the last of my garden jalapenos. I printed your recipe on small cards and placed next to serving dish. They were gone within minutes - I'm talking recipe and appetizers. I didn't plate them as you did. I used bamboo spoons. Delicious!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  20. i'm smitten with this - i'm thinking of making it for an upcoming barbecue we are having!

  21. Spaghetti squash noodles rule, and I too am up for this any time of year.


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