Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Star Makeover Nov 12: Green Bean Casserole Round-Up

This month the 5 Star Makeover Crew took on Green Bean Casserole.  Perfect for Thanksgiving or the coming holiday season.

I know you'll find much inspiration amongst these amazing dishes.  Serve them at your next dinner party and be the star of the show.

Thanks to my fellow group members for continuing to inspire, one dish at a time.

Enjoy Green Bean Casserole as never before...

Cheddar Cheese Soup with Haricot Verts, Mushrooms & Cronions
Trix from Tasty Trix

Green Bean Casserole Makeover
Erica from My Colombian Recipes

Retro Aspic Green Bean Casserole
Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz

Fresh Green Beans with Cranberries, Pecans & Gorgonzola Cheese
Jessica from Cajunlicious

Green Bean Quiche
Victoria from Mission:Food

Deconstructed Green Bean Casserole
Alisha from The Ardent Epicure

White Bean Casserole with Crunchy Onion Topping
Faith from An Edible Mosaic

Italian Green Beans & Porcini Mushrooms with Parmesan Bechamel and Fried Spaghetti
Joan from Foodalogue

Not Your Mama's String Bean Casserole!
Norma from Platanos, Mangoes & Me!

Stuffed Mushrooms "Green Bean Casserole Style"
Lori from Taste With The Eyes

Green Bean Poutine
Marisa from Cook's Book

Green Bean Tart
Angela from Spinach Tiger

Sustainable Catfish with Green Bean Three-Way & Porcini Mushroom Demi-Glace
Laz from Hialeah


  1. Thanks Laz. All-around good effort by members once again.

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season to all!

  2. Wonderful list! I love all the dishes....They look amazing. Thank you, Lazaro, Natasha and Lory! It was a fun makeover!

  3. Love the range of dishes. Sad I didn't end up participating this month but always enjoy still being a part of the group and seeing what everyone came up with.

  4. A creative round-up, as always! I'm always blown away by how different each dish is - but I still want to eat them all!

  5. Great spread!! I will probably check out all the posts over the weekend :)

  6. Also, off hand it looks like Natasha's post is missing.

  7. Every one of those dishes are unique and wonderful. Well done.

  8. Great showing. I ended up loving the dish, even though I wasn't crazy about the challenge.

  9. Wow, who knew the humble green bean could reach such hights! Fantastic roundup

  10. Such a fun makeover and everyone did an amazing job!

  11. Love this group's creativity factor!

  12. What great dishes! I love those green beans!

  13. I was so curious what the creativity score would be with this theme. answer: through the rough! Amazing creations.

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