Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Star Makeover: A Journey Through Apples & Pork

This month our challenge was to take the wonderfully versatile APPLE and make it shine.  Right now apples are in season.  No doubt a short trip through the blogosphere and you'll finds loads of apple dishes.

I am certain you will not find one like this...

- Umm, wasn't your dish last month pork and apple?!

Kitchen Hack - Yes, it was actually.

Lawyer - Can't you be more creative?  You are getting kind of predictable.

Kitchen Hack - Well, this one's a bit ambitious...

Lawyer - It's pork and apple again.

Kitchen Hack - (defeated) Yeah...

Luckily I found a group of distinguished guests to drop by and sample my creation.  I also, for the first time, had a sous chef on this project, thanks a bunch Jax!

A Journey Through Apples & Pork

I had a few goals when conceptualizing this course...

  • Use multiple varieties of apple.
  • Use three different cuts of pork.
  • Blur the line between sweet & savory
  • Blur the line between entree & dessert.
Basically, I wanted my diners to be pleasantly surprised and hopefully a tad confused.  Confusion in my kitchen is not a bad thing.  People get bored easy.  I challenge myself everyday to try and not let that creep in.  I need and must have my kitchen continue to be a source of constant inspiration for me.

Component #1

Candied Pork Belly with Fuji Apple Cream Cheese Frosting

The inspiration for this was a candied apple but I did not want everyone to have to run to the dentist.  So, instead of making a corn syrup based "candy caramel," I made a reduction of hard cider, fresh apple juice and Bacardi peach rum.  Why the hell the peach rum?  Simple, I ran out of fucking apple brandy.  Sorry!

The cream cheese frosting allowed me to use the sweetness of my favorite apple, Mr. Fuji.
  • Cream cheese - softened
  • Butter - softened
  • Powdered sugar
  • Fuji apple puree
The cooking of the pork belly went as follows
  • Oven roast. ( By this time if you ask me how to roast the belly, you're an idiot.  I've posted it 10 times)
  • Cool in fridge.
  • Portion out.
  • Make the apple reduction.
  • Quickly fry the belly, like 60 seconds, in a combo of pork fat & canola oil.
  • Coat the belly in apple reduction.
  • Allow to cool on a wire rack.
Component #2

Granny Smith Apple & Roast Pork Shoulder Bread Pudding with Smoked Bacon Crumb & Honeycrisp Apple Caramel

Somewhere in the dark, deep, twisted recesses of my mind, I've always wanted to add pork shoulder to a bread pudding.  I loved the tart punch that the Granny Smith apple provided; just perfect.

You know this is way too much writing.  My guess is that 99.999% of you are not reading here.  Then people wonder why I can post recipes.

  • Bread used was Challah.
  • Granny Smith apples were first baked with pumpkin pie spice, then pureed.
  • Custard was eggs, heavy cream, almond extract & apple puree.
  • Pork shoulder was roasted in it's own juices for 10 hours at 200 F.
  • Bacon crumb was roasted bacon, cake flour, cane sugar, vanilla extract, & grapeseed oil.
  • Finish with a light caramel syrup made of reduced Honeycrisp juice, water, & sugar.
  • Light Drizzle of the syrup.  Remember, no dentist.
Lawyer - I don't like pork in my bread pudding.

Kitchen Hack - I tried to be ironical?!

Lawyer - Can't you just make a simple bread pudding with apple?

Kitchen Hack - (defeated) Yeah...

Please check out all the fantastic apple creations my crew members will surly create.  The round up will be on my partner Natasha's awesome site...5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!