Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creative Cooking Crew: March 2013

Time for the...
To get going again.

This month our theme was to create an interesting dish using four ingredients front and center.

  • Bacon
  • Peanut Butter
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Balsamic Vinegar
At least those are the ones I chose.  Now what to do?  Savory?  Sure, right in my comfort zone, no problem.

Then I realized, dude, you never take the easy route.  So dessert it became...=)

Now, what the hell dessert to make?  Don't know how I got around to a brownie, but it ended up being a wise choice.  Again, very odd for some at first.  Ultimately, flavor won out for those lucky enough to eat TWO PANS worth...=)

The Frankencookie Brownie

By the way, my lovely wifey came up with that name.  I kinda like it...=)

Constructing the brownie went as follows....

For the brownie mix...
  • LC fudge brownie mix (any fudge brownie mix will do)
  • Thick-cut oven-roasted BACON
  • Maytag blue cheese
As I have said before, blue cheese turbo boosts chocolate flavor, do not be afraid to mix them.  Use lots of bacon here, you want that bacon goodness to come through.

For the chocolate chip cookie dough...
  • LC cookie dough (any cookie dough will do)
  • Milk chocolate chips
One of the overriding flavors coming through at this point is NUTTINESS of the course.  Between the Maytag blue cheese and the peanut butter.

Bake the brownie at 325 F for about 40 minutes.  Allow to cool completely inside the pan on a wire rack.

For the chocolate glaze...
  • Bittersweet chocolate chopped
  • Unsalted butter
  • Bleu d'Auvergne
I don't remember when I first used BdA to make a chocolate glaze but it's my staple.  Turns out exactly the way I need every time.

Once the chocolate glaze cools slightly, glaze the top of the brownie.  I then allow the brownie to sit in the fridge for at least 90 minutes uncovered.  At this point it is ready to serve.

ONE THING.  You can microwave chocolate.  But since my micro is only used for it's timer, I ALWAYS use a double-boiler for melting chocolate.  Whichever method you use, burnt chocolate tastes like shit so please watch that chocolate.

This brownie is quite rich, so I knew my presentation needed some acid to cut through.  Perfect use of the third required ingredient BALSAMIC VINEGAR.  Reducing and intensifying BV has so many applications in the kitchen.  Add it to your arsenal.

The last required ingredient APPLE.

Apple jelly joins the balsamic reduction on the plate.  Then...

For the Granny Smith Apple Whipped Cream
  • Heavy Cream
  • Fresh Granny Smith Apple juice
  • Powdered sugar
When making whipped cream make sure the bowl and electric beater attachments are quite cold. 

The more apple juice you use, the more apple flavor will come through.

Check out this month's round-up on Foodalogue this coming Wed. March 27, 2013.

That's it for now...till we exchange a few words again...Peace!


  1. this is fantastic Laz! I was totally trying to come up with dessert, but the vinegar was failing me... love what you've done here :)

  2. this is crazy in the best way - i love it!! i never ever would have thought about blue cheese and chocolate together, and now i'm DYING to try this!

  3. I went the dessert route too. Love the sweet-sour mix. As always, you put a great Laz spin on the dish. WHat does the inside of your head look like? A flavor kaleidoscope I bet....

  4. Well done in the creative department and beautifully presented.

    Chocolate and blue cheese is a new pairing to me ... but what could be bad???

  5. Yaya someone else with an awesome dessert creation. Great tip about blue cheese, Auverge is so amazing but never thought with chcolate

  6. Well happy Easter to me. An adult treat.

  7. what a great idea and a beautiful presentation -

  8. I just love that you are posting a real recipe. I have no creativity when it comes to food, but can I follow a recipe! Thank you. I'm making this tonight.

  9. Frankenfantastic. Great presentation Laz and an amazing recipe.

  10. Nice job with the challenge, Laz! I'm still dying to try the blue cheese/chocolate they're insanely delicious together!

  11. Ahhhhhh didn't realize you added blue cheese to the brownies, you crazy kid! Odd, but I'd trust your flavor combos and try this! Kudos to being one of three making dessert!
    ; ) Me likey the Frankencookie, very pretty!

  12. What a delicious and beautiful dessert,Lazaro!Love the combination of flavors and the presentation is amazing!

  13. Those desserts looks like heaven. I would like to try it once. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I'm already craving for it.


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