About Us

Lazaro Cooks is all about creating sustainable and organic food to share to all of you.

For more than 5 years, I’ve been creating healthy and delicious recipes and publish it in my blog to give inspiration, to help you make better choices every day, and to celebrate the joys of food. I am about eating in moderation and ensuring a healthy balance because in order for healthy eating to become a way of life, it should be accessible, inspiring, sustainable and above all delicious and will be appreciated by all who will eat it.

I’ve been inspired in creating this food by so many things in my life. First, my family and friends who are always there to support my goals in life, they always cheer me on in everything that I do. Second, my healthy living. I want to share the sustainable, healthy and organic food that I have been creating and eating for several years of my life, so that you can do it in your own kitchen and prepare for yourself and your family as well. Lastly, the co-foodies and bloggers that gives me so much inspiration to do this kind of service to you. At first, I really didn’t have any courage to become a food blogger but with the help of these amazing  friends in the same field, I gained so much confidence and interest to do it. Thanks to them, I can now share all my knowledge about cooking. Even though I’m not professional in this, you guys trusted me and still read my blog.

That’s all I can say for now about me. Please keep reading and appreciate it also, it will be better if you do prepare them all for you and your family.

I appreciate you taking the time to browse around my website. Please stay and come back again tomorrow and the next day. Thank you.