Hello, readers this is Lazaro and we’re here on the forum section of my website. I hope we can create a good conversation here and make it useful for those who are new in my page. Kindly use appropriate words to interact with one another. I will post a comment first to start up the conversation.


I have a lot of recipes posted and shared on my blog already. I hope you love it and tried it in your kitchen. Did anyone of you cook and taste some of my recipes? How was your experience? Please share it here so that everyone will know. Let me know if you don’t like my recipe, I will answer your questions here. Thank you.


Hi, Lazaro I am an avid reader of your blog. I really love all your creations. Some of your recipes I’ve already tried and they never disappointed me. My kids and my husband love all the recipes I have copied from you. I wish you will create more and inspire all the mothers, cooking savant and novices out there. You are amazing, keep it up. Thank you.


Hello, Cristy Thank you for the nice words. I really appreciate it. Don’t worry, I will do my very best to give you more and more sustainable and healthy recipes that you will truly love.


Hi, everyone I just wanted to say that I have tasted some of Lazaro’s creative recipes. I am a novice cook, I got married in the last 5 months and just learned to cook slowly. With the help of Lazaro Cooks blog, I can now prepare and cook something healthy for my husband. By the way, I find your recipes delicious, healthy and easy to make. Hope you will share more of your recipes.


Thank you so much Jocelyn. Like, I said I will do my best to give you more. Just always check my website for the new recipes posted.